5 Fabulous Reasons To Add Black And White Photographs To Your Colourful Wedding Album


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5 Fabulous Reasons To Add Black And White Photographs To Your Colourful Wedding Album

Weddings in India are not just full of beautiful emotions, but a lot of lovely colours as well. Be it the bright hues of the couple’s outfits, the wedding décor or the finely dressed guests, these colours simply add to the festive feeling. Hence, all the couples also love to get these bright shades locked in their wedding photos.

Well, going by the usual format, it is nice to see a colourful wedding album. But, you cannot make your wedding album truly special, unless you have a few black and white photographs in it. And, if you are wondering why we are saying so, then here are some reasons behind the same.

#1. They let the emotions speak

There is something magical about the black and white shots that give your emotions a voice. These images depict what you feel at that very moment in a very beautiful and pure form. Jayant Chhabra and Shruti Khanna, from Cupcake Productions, simply explain this by saying, “Since there are lesser colours to divert the onlookers’ attention, these photographs help them focus more on the emotions. That is why, a lot of photographers prefer using this format to capture special moments.”

Image Courtesy: Dreamweavers Photography

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs Photography

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#2. They have a timeless appeal

Black and white pictures have a very timeless appeal and give your wedding album a surreal effect. Trends in terms of colours do change with time, but as you make your wedding photos black and white, it is ensured that they will remain unaffected by time. The eternal beauty captured through these photographs is truly breathtaking. The black and white photographs simply ensure that your wedding looks ageless even after years.

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

Images Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

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#3. They add a hint of drama

The black and white pictures give a dramatic appeal to your wedding album. They simply stand out when you keep them with a few coloured shots. And, that is what makes your wedding album all the more unique as well as attractive. Jayant and Shruti, suggest, “Both coloured and black and white images are essential to showcase the beautiful moments of your wedding. And, the outcome is more striking when there is an amalgamation of both the types of photography.”

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

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#4. They give a vintage look

Another reason for choosing black and white pictures for your wedding album is that they give a classic vintage look to it. Their beauty is characterised by maturity and excellence. Ankit Lamba of ClickSutra Photography, explains, “The old school charm of the black and white images gives a different approach to your wedding album. In addition, a flavour of vintage always makes your album all the more elegant and classy.”

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

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#5. They give your wedding day a new perspective

While the coloured images in your wedding album remind you of your special day just the way it actually was, the black and white ones give them another perspective. And, this ‘extra option’ lets you lock your wedding day’s memories in a way other than the regular coloured ones. Ankit Lamba says, “The moods and expressions in the images come out amazingly in black and white photos, and their classiness cannot be described. So, it is a good idea to experiment with the different black and white presets to get good results.”

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs Photography

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

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While it totally depends on your personal preference to have black and white wedding photographs or not, these reasons can certainly tempt anyone to add at least a few of them. And, for all those who are convinced, don’t forget to share this article with your photographer to make your wedding album even more timeless and priceless.



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