6 Easy Changes In Your Habits To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time


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6 Easy Changes In Your Habits To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

Have you always wondered how celebrities flaunt such washboard abs all year round? Do you envy your friends who have an hourglass figure and to-die-for flat belly? Well, if you promise that you won’t go out on crash diets and not set unrealistic goals anymore, then we can tell you a few secrets that would help you get that flat belly. And believe us, it is not as tough as you had imagined it to be.

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All you need is some proper guidance and a little discipline, along with these tips. So, are you ready to get that flat stomach?

#1. Workout your full body

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

Many believe that crunches are the only way to a flat belly. But that is not the only best exercise to go for while aiming for a flat belly. Go for cardio, train on cross-trainers, do cycling and run on the treadmill.

Shh! Weight loss secret: If you don't feel like sweating it out in the gym then go for the simplest and effective workout– bring out your running shoes and head out to the local park. And, if you are looking for something more fun, then we suggest you join a Zumba or belly dancing class.

All the more, try including a walk of at least 30 minutes in your daily schedule. It has been observed that regular and brisk walks have effectively reduced total body fat and the fat located around your midsection.

#2. Mind your posture

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

Remember, if you tend to slouch, then you are bound to carry a stomach pouch with you! So, whether you are standing, sitting or walking, try not to slouch because weak back muscles affect your tummy as well. If you spend your work hours sitting in front of a computer then it is best to get a chair that can help you keep your back comfortably straight. If you are a gym person, focus on your shoulder and back muscles and work out on cable-pulley machines to learn how to discipline your back.

Shh! Weight loss secret: Tuck your tummy in, whenever you get a chance, whether you are sitting or standing. This does not mean that you hold your breath. Start it slowly, until the time it becomes comfortable for you to hold your tummy in and breathe normally.

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#3. Eat smart

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

There is no need to starve to get that bulge-free stomach. Your approach must be a smart combination of smart eating and exercises that strengthen your core. Including smart healthy food items in your diet can be helpful. Staying clear of fried, junk and sugary foods is the best thing you can do for that belly of yours. Add a few of the following foods to your diet- beans, almonds, berries, spinach and other green vegetables, whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta, and low-fat dairy products.

Also, you can increase the consumption of fibre in your diet because it helps in getting rid off of the bloating by reducing inflammation and can help your digestive system to run smoothly. But try to avoid the fibre-rich foods such as beans and cruciferous vegetables though as these can make worsen the bloating.

#4. Improve your eating habits

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

It may sound little weird but the way you eat your food also plays an important role in getting a flat stomach. While having your favourite dish in front of your eyes, you may not resist it, but remember that eating food at a fast pace can cause air to be trapped in your system which results in bloating. To avoid bloating and the related risks, you should always chew your food slowly, never swallow it and take the proper time to finish your meals. This will also help in reducing the risk of overeating. Voila! One improved habit will help you two way round.

You should also keep an eye on your portion sizes because if they are too large, you probably might suffer from bloating. Try reducing the size of the meals bit by bit and you will notice the difference. Maintain a track of your food intake. You can do it by keeping a count of the calories, maintaining a food diary and taking pictures of your food. It will be a good idea to track your intake for a few days in a row for few weeks. It will keep you aware of your calorie consumption and will likely help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

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#5. Healthy drinks

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

It is not just foods that’ll help you lose weight, but some drinks as well. Water is certainly an elixir for those who wish to lose weight and get glowing skin, so make it your best friend. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! Say a big no to sugary soda, fruit juices and energy drinks because they generally consist sugar and liquid calories. Apart from this, these drinks also contain fructose (fruit sugar) generally, which directly result in gaining belly fat.

Put a constraint on your consumption of alcohol. It generally contains seven calories for each gram. Although drinking a limited amount doesn’t affect much but heavy drinking leads to weight gain, especially around your midsection. Green tea is high in polyphenols, which successfully dissolves triglycerides (a type of fat found in blood) and accelerates our body’s metabolism. It also boosts a person’s endurance level and stamina, thus, providing aid to your body during extensive workout regimes.

Lemon is rich in citric acid and this acidic nature of lemon aids weight loss. If you have plain lemon water juice in the morning, you introduce your system to the acids and enzymes that would help to keep your digestive tracts healthy and problem-free.

#5. No stress

Tips To Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

Stress is not just harmful for your mental well-being, but your physical health as well. Stress increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which can lead to more fat accumulation in your body. Stress is seen as a major reason behind binge-eating as well. Even many studies and researchers have shown how stress is related to weight gain, especially around the abdominal area. So, listen to some soothing music, go out for walks, enrol for a yoga class or meditate. All this will help reduce stress levels considerably. So, keep yourself happy to stay healthy.

Shh! Weight loss secret: Do you know that there are certain foods, like dark chocolate and banana that can instantly help you to boost your mood and uplift your spirits?

Keep in mind that no single fruit or vegetable, or workout plan, or drink, etc., can aid weight loss around the belly. It is a combination of various factors that influence both weight gain and weight loss. Make sure you make smart lifestyle changes to discover that flat belly!

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