Is Your Husband A Virgo? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Him


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Is Your Husband A Virgo? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Him

The most observant men in the world are born under the astrological sign of Virgo, the virgin. Virgos are keen watchers, who wouldn't shy away from correcting the crooked picture on your wall. A Virgo husband is no different.

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Grounded and firm, this earth sign is one of a kind. True to the word, he is the perfect husband who keeps his family and his wife at the top of his priority list. He might not climb to the rooftop and shout his love to the world, but there are so many other traits of a Virgo husband like:

#1. Mr. Dependable

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In a marriage, a Virgo man is the most dependable and dedicated partner. He is a responsible man and knows how to take care of his wife and his family. Seldom, will you ever come across a situation when the times are testing and your man is sitting in the corner sulking. He is the man you can always count on.

#2. Trustworthy

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Virgos may not be as loyal as Taurus, but they are very trustworthy. A Virgo lover may not be very committed, but a Virgo husband is the most faithful person in this world. He hates the concept of making the other person feel jealous. He will stand by his wife and never stray from his marriage.

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#3. Your honest critic

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Virgos, in general, are known to be highly critical. Your Virgo husband wants everything to be perfect. Perfection is something that he firmly believes in, which is why he will be a little too critical about himself as well. If he thinks that something you are doing is not right, he will tell you bluntly without sugar-coating a word. You should listen to him because he wants you to be perfect in everything you do.

#4. The peacemaker

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If a Virgo husband thinks that something is wrong, he won't keep himself from bringing it up, but the way he does it is very different. He does not believe in violence. He is a calm and composed person. If something is going down south, he will gently bring it up and try to rationally solve it. You will not find him raising his voice or initiating a fight.

#5. The lover of the freedom

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Virgo husbands do not have the typical male need to control everything. They love freedom and will have no qualms in extending it equally to their wives. With a Virgo husband, you can be sure that you will get to maintain your individuality. He will never invade your personal space.

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#6. Gentle gestures

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Virgo men do not believe in the grand filmy gestures. He may take you for a weekend getaway but you can be sure that it will not be as adventurous as it could have been with a Leo. You will be treated at the finest resort with candlelight but never a wild jungle safari.

#7. Happy to help

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The most amazing quality of a Virgo husband is that they love to help their wives with the household chores. They prefer clean spaces and wouldn't mind doing the business by themselves. You can leave all the cleaning and dusting to them, and they will gladly do that.

#8. The shy lover

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Just like everything else, a Virgo husband will be gentle in bed too. Virgos are also known as 'the virgins'. It does not mean that they won't engage in the sexual activities but it will be more like an act of two souls coming together rather than two bodies. You will be taken care of but for that kinky BDSM, you will need a Scorpio.

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#9. The one who encourages you

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If there is one thing that a Virgo husband won't do is, to discourage his wife. He will always support his wife and would love to see her grow as an individual as well. He wouldn't mind taking care of the kids while you go and conquer the world. Isn't it perfect?

#10. The complete family man

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Virgos give respect to everyone. A Virgo husband will love your family just as much as he loves his. For a Virgo man, his family is the most important thing in the world. He will never put anything above the need of the family. Parents will be respected, children will be taken care of and the wife will be treated like a queen.

A Virgo husband might nag you at times but it is only because he wants everything to be perfect. He isn't the one who is afraid of commitment or cleaning the dishes. He can manage to bring the kids home from the school while he prepares for his big promotion. For a Virgo man, his wife's interests are as important as his own. A Virgo man's wife is one of the happiest ones.

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