How To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Girlfriend Based On Her Zodiac Sign

How To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Girlfriend Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Every individual is different, but it is a widely accepted fact that sun signs have a lot of influence on an individual's basic nature. If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, then her zodiac sign can be a great way to figure out what kind of proposal she will readily say 'yes' to.

Here we have listed the personality traits of different zodiac signs that will help you to understand what your girlfriend might expect from a proposal. Read this to plan the perfect proposal for your girlfriend. 

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#1. Aries

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An Aries woman is dominating by nature. She is very independent and can run the world on her own. But, beyond this tough exterior she has an insecure heart. She loves adventure and everything novel. If you have decided that it is time to pop the question, then this is how you should proceed. Since she is always in for a thrill, the best way to propose to her will be to take her on an adventure trip, rafting, hiking or bungee jumping may be, and propose on the spot. That is how she likes it! Also she does not like things to be complicated, so remember to keep the ring sleek and simple.

#2. Taurus

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The bull of the zodiac family is a genuine and loyal lady. She is emotionally strong, and will stand by you through thick and thin. She loves to sleep, eat and dream big. Patience and persistence are the two traits you need in abundance, if you want to win over this bull. When it comes to the proposal, keep it very simple and heartfelt. You have two options, either go down on your knees with the ring asking her if she will love to spend her life with you, or take a hand-made gift along with the ring to earn you brownie points! And, make sure the ring is classic, yet underrated.

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#3. Gemini

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Geminis are the masters of witticism and dual thinking. This vibrant and charming lady has a positive outlook towards life. Her mercurial nature may confuse you a lot. Intelligence is an unavoidable trait you must possess as these ladies are mostly stimulated by the mind. Propose to her somewhere you can reach her mind, science museum or an intellectual movie. She does not need wining and dining or anything lavish, she will love it if the proposal is genuine. Promise to make her life even more interesting and that will cinch the deal. Also she will love it if the ring has an interesting story behind it.

#4. Cancer

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A Cancer woman is very sensitive and emotional. They are to be 'handled with care'. Unlike Gemini, a Cancer woman can develop a pessimistic approach towards life. She does not handle criticism well. She likes warmth and comfort. She is very homely and, home would be the best place to ask her this big question. Propose to her in the gentlest way possible. Do not rush it or you might make her nervous. The perfect ring will be something that has some emotional attachment, something that perhaps belonged to your grandmother or has been in your family for generations.

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#5. Leo

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The lioness is the royal lady of the Zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, this sign is accustomed to being put on a pedestal. She is generous, but treats everyone (except for those she loves) as her subjects. If you have gathered the courage to propose to her, nothing less than an expensive dinner would do, or an even grander proposal will work fine with her. And, yes the size of the ring does matter to her.

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#6. Virgo

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A Virgo woman is the most feminine of the zodiac signs. She is extremely helpful and reliable. She will go miles to cut your workload. She is realistic, logical and sometimes comes across as an introvert. She is a perfectionist so, you have to give attention to the little details. Since she is a little old school, take her to a place that exudes the essence of the Victorian era and then propose to her like the ever-perfect Mr. Darcy. And, yes, wear a good perfume, they will love it. Do not forget to get a ring that has a unique style.

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#7. Libra

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This charming and docile lady can lead a war and in the end look for peace. Yes, she has a dual personality with an intelligent mind and loving heart. Libra women tend to flirt a lot but, it is harmless. This lady is a romantic, but afraid of commitment. If your heart is set on her, then plan a proposal accordingly. The venue has to be romantic. If you are planning to go down on your knees, you might stay there for very long as she will be calculating all the possibilities before giving an answer. Warning: do not go for nothing vulgar or it will be a straight no! Libra women have a well-known love for symmetry, and they love floral motifs. So, pick a ring keeping these things in mind.

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#8. Scorpio

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The Scorpio is passionate and mysterious. When you are around them, you always feel that you are under someone's piercing gaze. The best way to propose to this lady will be to take her on a mysterious treasure hunt at the end of which, will be you with the ring. Offer the ring to her and ask her the question while looking straight into her eyes. Make sure the proposal, as well as the cut of the diamond evokes romance.

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#9. Sagittarius

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A Sagittarius woman can make you laugh with her great sense of humour, or make you burn in anger with her sharp and blunt replies. Their straightforward nature often end up hurting people. Just like Aries, they love adventure. So, the ideal proposal will be to engage her in some fun activity like paintball or rock climbing, and then propose her in the end. You can get her a ring with splash of colour in it.

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#10. Capricorn

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The practical and logical, Capricorn woman, is a goal-oriented person. If she has thought something through, she will definitely get it. She is not afraid of experimenting. This lady loves her family more than anything in the world. So, if you are planning to propose to a Capricorn, make sure that you have proposed to her family as well. If you are struggling, drop the idea of marriage because it will be a 'no' from her. Stability is important, so propose only if you can match her expectations. She will love a ring that is classic, expensive and a bit traditional.

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#11. Aquarius

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They are unique in themselves, and that is what they desire from others. These women love social gatherings and people. An Aquarius woman is not your regular girlfriend. She will seldom get jealous or ask you any questions. While planning to propose to your Aqua lady, do something out of the box, something that will belong to her only. It just has to be different or it can be a 'no'. Forget simplicity, when it comes to choosing a ring for them go for something big, beautiful and unique.

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#12. Pisces

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Pisceans are emotional and sensitive... no wait, they are way too over-loaded with emotions. This water sign is very simple and is often caught up in her deep thoughts. Sensual by nature, they require a nurturing and warm environment. Create an ambience, which is sensual just like them. Aromatic candles, and a lovely dinner (preferably made by you) before the important question will improve your chances of getting a 'yes'. Just like a Cancer woman, they would also love a ring that has some emotional story behind it.

We just made it easier for you. Now, go ahead, and plan a proposal that will win your girlfriend over!

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