10 Things You Should And Should Not Gift To A Newlywed Couple Moving Abroad After Marriage


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10 Things You Should And Should Not Gift To A Newlywed Couple Moving Abroad After Marriage

Nowadays, a lot invitation cards have a line at the bottom stating, ‘No gifts, blessings only'. However, this is not applicable to every person related to the bride and the groom. A good friend’s marriage is going to be special to you, and your gift is going to be special to them as well. This one thing always bothers peoples’ minds and the answer to the question, ‘What should we gift the newlyweds?’, is never answered easily.

And, it becomes even more difficult to choose a gift for those couples, who have to move abroad after marriage. So, for all those who have one such friend or family member's wedding around the corner, we have listed down five things you should and five things you should not gift to them. Here is the list.

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#1. Cash/Gift Cards

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As per aviation rules, passengers travelling abroad are only allowed a restricted weight for luggage. And, with newlywed couple moving overseas, they might just want to pack important things of their own to carry. So, gifting them some cash or a gift card may turn out to be the best option. Not all the couples who go abroad are already settled, some have to start from the scratch. Setting up a whole new house includes, furniture, groceries, home décor, etc. Hence, in such cases this cash or gift card can be used as per their preferences and put to the best use.

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#2. Utensils

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At first, they might find eating out a great thing, but most of the desi folks often start missing, ghar ka khana. And, for that matter, they might want some Indian utensils to prepare food at home. Basic kitchen utensils, like pressure cooker, roti roller and chapatti board are easily available abroad. However, utensils like ladle, varieties of metal spoons and tongs can be best found in Indian markets. So, gifting them some handy items for easy use might turn out to be their saviour.

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#3. Photo frames

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There is nothing a couple misses more than the love, care and presence of their loved ones, after they move abroad. Taking along memories in the form of photo frames is the best gift one can ever receive. Be it a photo of the couple, or of the couple with their family and friends, they would all be special to them. The couple will make sure they make some special space for the frames in their rooms. 

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#4. Cookbooks

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Not that they would fail to find cookbooks abroad, but couples who love the taste of India will eventually miss the taste of their staple food. Hence, they would get out in search of some good Indian food. Basic Indian breakfast recipes like, poha, upma, idli, etc., are best described in the Indian cookbooks. The taste of India can be relived only with these recipes and some special Indian spices.

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#5. Indian Handicrafts

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Some people have a special liking for the unique and artistic handicrafts. Certain handicrafts like hand woven carpets and antique pieces are not available in foreign countries. Decorating a new house with the special pieces from your country will give the newlyweds not only a homely feeling, but also an artistic look.

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#6. Show pieces

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Undoubtedly, show pieces are the worst gifts to be given to the newlyweds. The problem with show pieces is that you may never understand the taste of the newlywed couple. And, may end up gifting something that they would not want to carry along with them. Also, show pieces like, basic wall clocks, chandeliers, lampshades, etc., are sometimes not even feasible to carry. So, if you are thinking about show pieces for the newlyweds, please save your money!

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#7. Cosmetics

Everyone loves their cosmetics, but if you are thinking of gifting a multi-product box filled with beauty products, then think again! Remember, they might find even better variety of cosmetics abroad. Also, cosmetic needs of every individual are different. Some people have extremely sensitive skin, and hence may not even end up using their products inspite of having liked them a lot.

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#8. Gadgets

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The simple logic behind not gifting gadgets to the couples going abroad is that you cannot be sure of the originality of the product. Apart from this, why not buy the products from the place of origin? For example, if you are thinking of gifting an iPhone to your friend who is going to move to the US, then it makes no sense. Simply because you may end up paying a lot more for it in India, than your friend would in abroad.

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#9. Clothes

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When it comes to fashion, the only thing constant is change. Fashion in foreign countries is at a whole new level. They may not have traditional Indian fabrics, and their styles would also be different from what you would find here. Also, eventually everyone needs a change of wardrobe. So, why not let the newlywed couple revamp their wardrobe on their own.

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#10. Jewellery

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When we say jewellery, we are mostly hinting at the classic gold ornaments. Gone are the days when a newlywed bride would wear her ornaments. Nowadays, some women even wear a mangalsutra or classic jewellery only on traditional occasions or during festivals. Couples today have started developing a liking for more modern and contemporary jewellery pieces, which are also available abroad. Therefore, most of the times, the newlyweds tend to leave their ornaments back at their parent’s place for safety purpose. And, of course for the mere reason that they would not be worn in the foreign countries.

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We are sure you would want the newlywed to always remember you each time your gifts come to their use. And, now that you have this perfect gift-buying guide with you, go ahead and gift your friends and loved ones something that they will cherish forever!