Cheat Sheet: 10 Simple Tips For All Curvy Brides-To-Be To Look Slimmer


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Cheat Sheet: 10 Simple Tips For All Curvy Brides-To-Be To Look Slimmer

Being unique is what makes us beautiful. There is no perfect shape or size as beauty cannot be measured in inches or kilograms. But, we all have certain problem areas that we are not quite fond of.

It takes a lot of efforts to make a perfect bride. To know and understand all those curves and edges, and to dress up according to them requires some patience and understanding. If you are a curvy soon-to-be bride, here are some cheat tricks that can make you look slimmer on your big day.

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#1. Discover your problem areas

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Most of us have a problem area that pulls our hand when we are going towards a dress that we find amazing. Before you decide on your outfit, identify your problem area and plan accordingly.

#2. Flowing attires for pear shaped

Most Indian women have a pear shaped body. Though it is difficult to choose a perfect western attire for such body type, finding traditional ones are fairly easy. Anarkalis, gowns, A-line lehengas and many more. Every attire that isn't fit from the waist down will work for you.

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#3. Tummy trouble

If your tummy is troubling you, stay away from any dress that has a broad belt in it. Try crop top as the rib cage area is generally the slimmest. Go for a high waist lehenga. You can opt for jackets and capes to camouflage the problem area. Vertical patterns would suit you more than the horizontal ones.

#4. Small motifs

While choosing the design for your dress, give due consideration to the small patterns as the bigger ones make your height look smaller and attract more attention. Small and even pattern gives you a symmetrical look while the large patches will make you look wider.

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#5. Pay attention to the colour

Image / The Wedding Story

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story 

Remember what Pooh said in K3G? ''Black makes me look slim and green make you look fat!''. Yes, we know that most of the brides are uncomfortable with wearing black so, you can go for darker shades of pink, blue and red. Coke colour will also be a great idea.

#6. Necklines and sleeves

Our shoulders are usually narrower than the rest of our body. Try to draw attention towards them by wearing off-shoulders, wide-necked and low-cut blouses. Experiment with the neckline of your blouse, but keep your sleeves long to make your arms look more defined.

#7. Choose the right fabric

Other than choosing the right dress, selecting a suitable fabric is also imperative. Steer clear from stiff material like raw silk and adopt the soft ones like georgette, crepe, chiffon, net and satin. If you have set your heart on a kanjivaram saree, keep a check on the way you drape it.

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#8. What's with jewellery?

If you want to look slim, stay away from chunky jewellery. Chokers too wouldn't be a great idea as you would like to want your neck to look slimmer. Your jewellery shouldn't cover your neck completely. Also, if you have a heavier bust, try not to pick long earrings as it will give you bulkier look. Go for studs instead.

#9. One colour

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Image Courtesy: Instagram

If you don't want to opt for darker shades then pick one colour and be loyal to it. Single shade gives you a symmetrical appearance which will help you to hide your problem areas. If you still want to add some more colours to your dress, do so by opting shades from the same family.

#10. Makeup Magic

HD makeup is nothing less than magic. You can play around contouring to give your face a slimmer and longer look. Contouring can help to give dimension to your face by making it look angular. So, have a word with your makeup artist before you start with anything.

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Own your curves ladies and show the world that being curvy is a blessing. Follow the above steps and rock that wedding attire. We are sure that you will make the most amazing and beautiful bride. Cheers to you!