10 Reasons Why A Small And Intimate Wedding Is A Great Idea


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10 Reasons Why A Small And Intimate Wedding Is A Great Idea

So, you have found your Mr. or Ms. Right, and are probably all set to tie the knot. But, does the idea of a huge and expensive wedding make you shudder? Well, then you might want to consider having a small and simple affair. A lavish wedding may seem like an obvious choice, but a day as important as this should be about your special moments with your loved ones. And, there can be quite a few more reasons behind opting for a small wedding besides money.

So, here are some exciting reasons for having a small and intimate wedding, which will make you cast aside all the grandiose celebration ideas attached to the 'big fat Indian weddings'.

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#1. A day for you and your loved ones

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

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As you take this new step in your life, you only wish to be surrounded by people you love the most. So, in a small and intimate wedding, you invite only those people who are close to you. 

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#2. Interact with your guests

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Wouldn’t you love to spend some time interacting with the guests who have come to attend your wedding just for you? Fewer guests mean you would have time to personally meet each of them. This would mean a lot to your guests as well. A small wedding will help you get over the awkwardness of making small talk with all those distant relatives and people whom you have never seen before.

#3. Feel more relaxed

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

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As only close friends and relatives surround you on your special day, it becomes a much more relaxed affair. Your wedding would feel more like a celebration than a social event for everyone’s entertainment. So, with a smaller affair, you can enjoy more while feeling relaxed.

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#4. Splurge in luxury

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Have you ever thought that having a small wedding can actually allow you to splurge more? Most couples opt for small weddings not just to save on money, but to cut down on unnecessary expenses. So, think about a small wedding as a way to make your wedding celebrations truly luxurious. Indulge in an extravagant dessert bar, which the grown-ups will love as much as the kids!

#5. Save up for an exotic honeymoon

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Having a small wedding would allow you to save up for an extended honeymoon. Think of all the exotic honeymoon destinations you can visit with all the money you would be saving.

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#6. Get more options

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

A smaller wedding allows you to choose from many different venue options. Having a large wedding invariably involves the task of arranging different wedding vendors, and then working out good deals with them. With a smaller celebration, you can have plenty of choices with lesser things to be taken care of. So, now you can concentrate more on the preparations.

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#7. Customise your celebrations

Reasons Why A Small And Intimate Wedding Is A Great Idea

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A smaller wedding will also give you the option to customise the preparations according to your wishes. Did you want a revolving stage at the venue? Did you want to decorate the whole venue with balloons? Girls, were you pining to wear a designer lehenga at your wedding? Well, earlier your budget would not have allowed you these luxuries, but now it can!

#8. Think about destination wedding

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Did you ever dream about having a destination wedding? Well, smaller celebrations will certainly give you that luxury. So, pack your bags, book your flight, and just let a beautiful exotic destination provide a lovely backdrop for your wedding album. Your wedding guests would surely remember this one for long.

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#9. Make some personal memories

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

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Most couples complain that they did not get time to enjoy their wedding day. In the sea of hundreds, it becomes easy to feel lost, even when you are the bride and the groom. At a small wedding, the 'lucky couple' feels relaxed in the company of their loved ones. So, with a small wedding you can share some beautiful and close moments with your partner on your wedding day.

#10. A memorable affair

Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

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In the end, your guests will always remember a small, intimate wedding. Anyone can have an expensive wedding, but your cosy little wedding will always be etched in the minds and hearts of your guests. Your small wedding will never be about the things that were missing, but rather about the moments that were shared.

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So, don’t you feel a small and intimate wedding with smaller preparations might be a better way to enter into a new phase of your life? Being surrounded by friends and family, would definitely make your wedding day even more special and memorable!

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