Kashmiri Theme Weddings- A Modern Rage


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Kashmiri Theme Weddings- A Modern Rage

Wish to wow your wedding guests with a marriage experience of a lifetime? Go for a theme wedding with its unique characteristic of replicating the very culture or place you wish to simulate. Destination weddings have turned out to be a la mode these days with more and more couples seeking after celebrating their receptions with limited guests and planning a luxuriant theme party for all to enjoy it to the lees. If you are contemplating on a theme that would truly be able to resonate the fun, mirth and prodigality of your marriage in the true sense of the term, go for a Kashmiri theme marriage in all its vivacity and vigor. Here are some of the things that a wedding with Kashmiri theme would entail.

Mesmerizing Scenic Beauty

Imagine your wedding reception being held at the backdrop of the scenic Dal Lake with Shikaras inviting your guests for a ride across and banks brimming with snow- a scene take straight from the movie “Mission Kashmir”. You can get the feel of being in Kashmir without even having to spend on your flight tickets or do any hotel bookings. Your professional wedding planner would know the right expertise to create a fabricated Kashmir with its black swans, snow, lotus flowers and tables adorned with handmade candle-stands while keeping the temperature considerably low for echoing the perfect weather of the place. The primary décor strewn with flowers all over and the gates and doors beautifully embellished with floral garlands and designs bestow the background with a Kashmiri look.

Exotic Kashmiri Cuisine

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding and in your Kashmiri weddingyou would obviously wish to treat your guests to the delicacies from Kashmir. Get a chef dressed as a ‘Waza’ (name given to the very finest Kashmiri chef)  and make a lavish gourmet spread comprising delicious lamb meat recipes and vegetarian food varieties with spices and herbs directly from the Kashmiri palate served in beautiful copper bowls. Adding more, your waiters too will be standing there to pamper your guests with tea, snacks and other delicacies till their heart’s content by donning outfits typical of the Kashmiri men.

Live Music and Entertainment

Replicating the archetypal Kashmiri weddings, make your wedding an entertaining one with live music accompanied by Sarod, Jal Tarang, Rabab and Tabla for an evening full of fun galore. Serve your guests hot Kashmiri tea 'kahwa' as they watch the dancers performing Kashmiri folklore dressed in vibrant hued attires.As a memoir of your wedding, gift your relatives the beautiful, intricately designed boxes brought straight from Kashmir and stunning shawls.

There is much more to a Kashmiri theme wedding, which can be brought about beautifully, and giving attention to meticulous details by your wedding planner. From designing menu cards and Sangeet ceremonies to gift-wrapping and photography, just go the Kashmiri way to imprint indelible impressions of your wedding day for long years to come.

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