Top Actresses who left Bollywood after Marriage

In Hollywood it is common for married actresses to be successful, but in Bollywood, the tides are yet to change. With Bollywood blooming to the surface with marital vows this year, it seems like finally our actresses no longer see the 'married' tag to be detrimental to their careers. 

However, tinsel-town has had its share of actresses who bid goodbye to films after marriage. Some were even at the peak of their career graph. Let’s have a look at such actresses who left the film-industry to happily adopt the role of a homemaker.

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Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh

She started her career as a child artist and went to work in many Bollywood films as a lead actress. Neetu Singh was 14 when she started dating Rishi Kapoor and at the age of 21 she tied the knot with him. Their wedding was the biggest and the most awaited extravaganza of the tinsel town at that time. Post-marriage Neetu retired from the films.

In her own words “I wanted to devote all my life to my family.” 

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