Zeenat Aman Married Mazhar Khan Against All Odds, Later Regretted Doing So, 'I Had Made A Mistake..'

Yesteryear's legendary actress, Zeenat Aman faced various challenges with regards to her marital life. She once disclosed why she regretted getting married to Mazhar Khan.


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Zeenat Aman Married Mazhar Khan Against All Odds, Later Regretted Doing So, 'I Had Made A Mistake..'

The ‘70s model-turned-actress, Zeenat Aman, has made a name for herself ever since she stepped into the world of glitz and glamour. While she began her career as a model, later on, Zeenat paved her way into the Indian cinemas. Back then, she was considered a trendsetter and, thanks to her, Bollywood could witness the growth of Westernised look and style. Being one of the most popular actresses of all time, Zeenat's professional as well as personal life was covered extensively in the media. For the uninitiated, the diva married Sanjay Khan in 1978 and called it quits with him in 1979. Later, she moved on with the actor, Mazhar Khan, and tied the knot with him in 1985. Unfortunately, she suffered in this marriage as well.

When Zeenat Aman shared that she realised her mistake of marrying Mazhar Khan within a year of tying the knot with him

During an interaction with Simi Garewal on the show, Rendezvous With Simi Garewal, Zeenat Aman shared several unheard anecdotes pertaining to her married life. The host started questioning the actress by saying that she vanished into the shadows after getting married to Mazhar Khan. Simi asked what the 12 years of marriage were like with her husband. Zeenat said:

“Very honestly I think the first year after marriage I realised that I had made a mistake, but since I had made the decision and done it against everybody's will I decided to live by it to stick it through and to make it work.”

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Zeenat Aman disclosed that she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her son, Azaan Khan

Further into the conversation, the yesteryear actress revealed that when she was pregnant with her first child, her husband, Mazhar was not there for her. Zeenat disclosed that her husband was somewhere else. She further added that as soon as she gave birth to her first son, Azaan, she even discussed separating from her husband. However, Zeenat stayed in that marriage for the sake of her son and did everything possible to make it work. She said:

“I was pregnant with my child, and Mazhar was not there he was somewhere else. There was a big article at the time about the woman that he was seeing. It's a reality and from day one I mean as soon as my son was born I wanted out, and we discussed it and then thought that my child deserved a chance, and so I stayed and then I didn't just stay I did everything that I thought had to be done to make it work.”

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Zeenat Aman revealed that her mother was totally against her marriage to Mazhar Khan

During their conversation, Zeenat Aman also revealed that her mother was totally against her marriage to Mazhar Khan. The host, while asking questions, said that she had been the top actress in the industry when she gave it up all and decided to get married instead. Simi asked the reason behind such a decision. To this, Zeenat replied:

“I was ready for motherhood more than anything I felt my biological clock was ticking and I really wanted to have children, and truly that was the chief reason I got married because I genuinely believed that the only reason to be married is to have a family and to have a family and I felt ready for that at the time.”

Zeenat Aman mentioned why she married someone like Mazhar Khan even when she was loved by many men

While conversing with Zeenat, the host asked what drew her to Mazhar at that time. The yesteryear actress shared that sometimes in life, people need certain things, and the people who are present during that stage in life often try to fit their needs with them. Simi further divulged that many men were in love with Zeenat, but what made her choose Mazhar over everyone else. Zeenat responded:

“I can't really decide what it was, it was just that probably that Mazhar was in the right place at the right time I guess as a matter of fact I married him in the face of a lot of opposition from my family which was my mother primarily because we were very very very close and she was very opposed to the marriage, and subsequently she did she did have a heart attack, and she did take it very badly, and it was only after the children came that she began to come to terms with it.”

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