5 Reasons Why Every Indian Girl Should Focus On Her Marriage And Not A Big Fat Wedding Celebration


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5 Reasons Why Every Indian Girl Should Focus On Her Marriage And Not A Big Fat Wedding Celebration

In India, most wedding celebrations are nothing short of a social statement. Be it a small town or a big fat destination wedding, most Indian families go way beyond their capabilities to have a larger than life celebration, and impress evreryone in their circle. And, how can we forget the extravagance shown quite often in our Bollywood movies? We copy almost everything from outfits to décor and food to dance, from our movies. But, have you really thought what happens when the wedding extravaganza gets over, especially to the bride’s family, who makes all the arrangements for it in most of the cases? READ: Scientific Reasons Behind These 6 Popular Indian Wedding Traditions Will Leave You Simply Amazed

Well, we certainly are not against the idea of having a lavish wedding. But, at the same time, everyone needs to understand the real meaning of 'marriage', and should not make this holy union completely materialistic. Well, here are a few reasons why every Indian girl should choose working on her marriage rather than a big fat wedding.

#1. Marriage is for you, wedding is for everyone else

Admit it or not, planning a wedding can get exhausting because you are bringing together two families and their extended relatives at a social function. There are arrangements to be done, egos to be handled, and 'great expectations' of a lot of people to be met. As a soon-to-be married couple, always remember this union is of utmost importance for you than anyone else. So, stop thinking about anything else and just think of the beautiful relationship that you are going to form with each other very soon.

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#2. See the ‘Big Picture’ with your partner

Looking at the movies, fashion events, and other such things to plan your wedding trousseau sounds really exciting. But, when it comes to turning these dreams into reality, things might get really disappointing. However, this is not something you must be focussing upon as a soon-to-be bride. Instead, ask yourself some questions like, “Is he compassionate?”, “Is he respectful towards you and your family?”, “Is he dependable?”, “Does he encourage you to work or have a career or pursue your passion?”, etc. And, in the excitement of getting married, do not ignore the qualities that matter the most to make a marriage last a lifetime.

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#3. Getting into comparisons can never make you happy

This is yet another trap that most girls get stuck into. It is really not a big deal if you spend less on your wedding as compared to any of your friends or cousins. Remember, it is your special day and you should celebrate it the way you want to. So, if you cannot afford a big fat celebration, then there is no point having it just because everybody else does it. What is more important is, that you and your partner cherish every moment and look forward to spending rest of your lives together. And, no matter how big or small your wedding celebration is, your real well-wishers will still love you and want the best for you.

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#4. Your happiness matters the most

It may seem a bit selfish to look out for your own happiness when you find yourself surrounded by the madness of wedding preparations. But, in the long run, it always turns out in your favour. It is important that you invest your time in doing things that make you and your partner happy. For example, it is probably better to keep money aside for a luxurious holiday with him than spending a little extra to have more items in your wedding buffet. After all, spending quality time together is more important than anything else.

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#5. Being practical is always a better option

What gifts are exchanged amongst families does become a topic of discussion. Most parents, relatives, friends want to give you and your partner something memorable. There are times when you do tend to receive gifts that you will never use. So, what should you really do? Perhaps, you can tell your relatives to not shower you with expensive gifts. But, if they insist, then perhaps you can ask for gift certificates that can be used later. You can put together all the gift certificates or vouchers and then redeem when you are buying things for your home. Prior the wedding, you can discuss this with your partner. You will save yourself, and also your family and friends, from a great deal of wasteful expenditure and perhaps set an example for others in your family.

As we already mentioned, spending big on your wedding if you can easily afford it, is not really an issue. But, if a big fat wedding is going to be too stressful for you and your family, then think twice before taking any decision. And remember, ‘happily ever after’ comes from how the bride and groom lead their married life, and not what they spend on their wedding.

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