Who Is Bull's (Taurus) Favorite?


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Who Is Bull's (Taurus) Favorite?

Taurus – compatible with Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus

Taurus and Capricorn are very compatible as both of them love security in life. The bull and the goat combination are good as Taurus loves comfort and security whereas Capricorn wants money to make life easy. Taurus and Pisces combination is also very compatible and, there will not be a day without love and friendship in lives of these couples.  Taurus is known for security and practicability whereas Pisces are born dreamers. Taurus loves security, so he/ she will always be present and supporting their dreamy Pisces whenever they need help. Taurus and Virgo belong to same element group so naturally there compatibility will be good; however their basic element can bring a lot of confusion in the relationship.

Virgo always wants to get involved and feel all different shades of life whereas Taurus loves precision and exactness in life as they are governed by Goddess of Love, Venus. Taurus and cancer belongs to each other as one loves security and precision in life and the other loves giving security. There won’t be any fight between them when one ask the other as to where he or she is going because it is uncharacteristic for either of them to go out without the other. Their love life will be everlasting and beautiful.

Taurus and Taurus compatibility is never going to be in question as both belong to same element group. Both love traditions and security in life and will live happily ever after if they will try not to show the other their stubborn nature.



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