Who Does The Sheep (Aries) Like?


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Who Does The Sheep (Aries) Like?

Aries – compatible with Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries

Aries and Sagittarius are very compatible with each other as they belong to the same element group. None of them like being other the boss, and both of them loves traveling. Aries and Sagittarius couples should do everything together except purchasing, because when the shop together most of the time they end up buying the whole shop. Aries compatibility with Leo is also admired a lot as both are firy and belong to fire element category. Leo’s are creative where as Aries are energetic and when you combine these two then you will surely see sparks in the air. Leo and Aries want and think that they deserve what is best in life, and they do everything till they get the best.

Although Aries and Aquarius are from two different element groups, but their compatibility is very strong.  Their lives will never be dull as both of them are not only naughty but are also mischievous. Their combined energy has power to face all the hurdles of life and none of them will ever be jealous of other’s success. Gemini and Aries couples are quite compatible as witty Gemini keeps challenging fiery Aries, thus both of them challenge as well as support each other. They support and pamper each other whenever they feel required as they both are flirty and flighty.

Aries with Aries is quite a good combination and this kind of relationships will definitely be compatible. There relationship will be full of excitement and challenges thus boredom will never knock on their door.



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