Revealing What Your Engagement Ring Says About Your Wedding Celebration Style


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Revealing What Your Engagement Ring Says About Your Wedding Celebration Style

Be it round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut or a colourful engagement ring, it speaks a lot about you and the kind of wedding you prefer to have.

The type of engagement ring you choose also tells about what kind of dress you would wear, the jewellery you would choose and the type of décor you would select for your wedding.

So, let us take a look at how some of the hottest designs of the engagement rings define your wedding style.

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#1. Round-cut engagement ring

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As the name suggests, the round-cut ring is the one whose diamond is round in shape, and is standing out of the ring or is nicely adjusted within the ring. The round-cut diamond tells that you wish to have a wedding that would be remembered by your guests. Be it the outfits, décor, jewellery, or anything else, you want everything to be simply classic. You would even want to wear the jewellery that has been in your family for ages. You might also prefer to dress up like an actor/actress from the old times or a royal prince/princess.

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#2. Princess-cut engagement ring

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A diamond in square or rectangular shape, carefully studded inside the ring case and standing out in the form of a pyramid, is the choice of most of the modern brides today. The princess-cut engagement ring tells that you would love to keep your wedding venue in some rooftop garden or maybe an open-air hall. The menu would be slightly different from what is usually served at the weddings, and there might also be a cut down in the rituals. You would prefer dressing up in an elegant outfit and team it up with the type of jewellery, which is in trend and can be found in most of the wedding magazines or wedding stores.

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#3. Cushion-cut engagement ring

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Shaped like a pillow or a cushion, the square-shaped diamond in a cushion-cut ring has rounded corners. If you like this traditional style of rings, then you are one of those for whom the rituals and customs play a very important role. You will not prefer to miss out on any of the wedding rituals. You would prefer a luxurious theme for the décor, a rich wedding dress with traditional jewellery, and delicious food spread across the table.

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#4. Emerald-cut engagement ring

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A rectangle-shaped diamond with cropped corners, placed inside the ring case forms an emerald-cut diamond ring. If this is your ring style, then you would like to keep your wedding simple and elegant, yet stylish. You would prefer to keep your outfit, dress, jewellery and food simple yet classic. Also, you would want to keep the décor as simple as possible. You might also prefer to send the invitations to only the closest ones to you. Your guests will remember your wedding as one of the simplest and the most elegant celebrations ever.

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#5. Colourful engagement ring

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Studded with colourful diamonds, this engagement ring tells that you wish to have an unconventional and playful wedding celebration. You would want to have a colour blast when it comes to your outfits and décor. You might also prefer keeping a lavish buffet of different food items, which are generally not served during the Indian weddings. You might want a destination wedding with different rituals and customs taking place in an unconventional style. Your guests would remember your wedding as one of the most beautiful and fun-filled affairs of their life.

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Well, isn’t that interesting to find out your wedding style with just the choice of your engagement ring? We hope you too found out what kind of a celebration you will be having for your big day! So, just get up and start making the arrangements to show your taste to the world!

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