12 Weird Food Superstitions Prevalent In India, From Breaking The Coconut To Hanging Lemon

These are the famous superstitions related to food that all of us may have believed in or perhaps still do.


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12 Weird Food Superstitions Prevalent In India, From Breaking The Coconut To Hanging Lemon

Anything that can bring that extra bit of good luck and can ward off evil eye is most welcomed by the Indians. Well, we are not talking about sneezing again or to avoid cutting your nails. This time the beliefs and superstitions come to your plate in the form of food.

Yes, there are myths and notions related to food which are ingrained in your mind since childhood. So, even if you are a new-age smart-phone user, you can definitely have some fun knowing about the bizarre notions.

#1. Breaking coconut 

Weird Food Superstitions

The hardest, toughest and the most sacred of all; coconut is supposed to shield you against evil. In fact, it can do wonders in getting you good luck for the new ventures in your life. Cracking a coconut is one of the most significant temple rituals we have grown up watching. Breaking the coconut into pieces with high force is supposed to be good for all walks of life.

#2. Consuming coffee bubbles

Weird Food Superstitions

Did you ever think that the modern-day cup of Latte or cappuccino can turn out to be auspicious too in bringing some good news? Yes, supposedly the bubbles that appear over the aromatic beverage should be consumed before it vanishes away. It is said that one receives good news in matters of money.

#3. Hanging lemons with green chillies

The lemon stands as the God or warrior when it comes to shielding you from the evil energies. Hung on to the doors of home and offices and vehicles, humble lemon in combination with chillies battles evil spirits and buri nazar’  Many people suggest that lemon put into a glass full of water brings positive vibes.

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#4. Crushing the eggshells

Weird Food Superstitions

There is a very strange belief behind crushing the shells of an egg after consumption. It is said that the witch gathers the unbroken shells to craft a ship and then sails on to it for destruction. So, it’s better to see that the unbroken shells don’t come her way if you don’t want to invite bad days.

#5. Borrowing milk after sunset

Weird Food Superstitions

Hundred per cent pure and auspicious milk finds relevance in our culture for health, celebrations, festivals and religious purposes. But then there are a few bad beliefs too around the majestic milk. Spilling the milk is not a good sign and can cause trouble. Also, consuming milk just before leaving the house has a lot to do with bad luck. In fact, many people are not willing to lend or borrow milk after sunset which is another popular belief.

#6. Fish in aquarium for good luck

According to Feng Shui, Vaastu and other shastras, this marine animal when kept at home can be your lucky charm. Fish is considered cool and lucky to start anything new and the more they grow, the greater the good luck of the owner. As per Vaastu, fish tanks or fish with water bodies in the corners can bring good news.

#7. Eating curd before heading out for an important work

Weird Food Superstitions

We all are quite familiar with this spoonful of lucky feed when we used to go for our exams in childhood. Also, if one is leaving for a trip or interview or other important tasks; curd and sugar together add up the luck and soothe your mind.

#8. Salt absorbs negativity

Weird Food Superstitions

People say that salt should never come under your feet or should not be swept away with a broom. Salt should ideally be dissolved in water and then thrown away. As it absorbs negativity and is the taste of life; it should be respected even while being discarded.

#9. Ghee is sacred

Weird Food Superstitions

Call it sacred, lucky, desi or pure; ghee is a mantra to not only ward off evil but to ward off illnesses, health issues and negativity. For grannies, ghee is the most convincing food, powerhouse and one-size-fits-all kind of remedy. Ghee is a primary element used for Hindu festivals and pujas.

#10. Tulsi for purifying

Weird Food Superstitions

Think Tulsi and you feel like praying the humble and significant plant. That is the kind of effect the lucky Tulsi holds as per the Hindu way of life. The sacred and auspicious plant is worshipped in our country since ages unknown and its leaves are used for Hindu religious ceremonies. The leaves are also added to curd, tea and many other food items to purify them and make them healthier.

#11. Chillies to fight evil spirits

Weird Food Superstitions

The ability to remove doshas or ward off black energies are considered higher in case of chillies. People have been using red chillies against evil spirits and ‘buri nazar’ since ages. This is generally used to drive away bad energies so that they don’t bother the newborns and kids.

#12. Turmeric to protect from evil eye

Weird Food Superstitions

The yellow spice tops the chart when it comes to the most widely-known food superstition. Turmeric is used as religious offerings and puja materials and finds its usage in all Vedic rituals. The spice is considered auspicious and is used to protect a house, vehicle or business from an evil eye.

So, we see how some common kitchen food items stand like a soldier to guarantee your protection and some when handled inappropriately can bother you with bad luck. Actually, the few have been logically explained by the scientists and Vedas that they are central to health and well-being and have hardly anything to do with bad or good luck.

Well, to believe or not to believe depends on the individual. Let us know your views in the comments section below and stay tuned to be updated about lot more things you might not know. 

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