Wedding Favors For Guests


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Wedding Favors For Guests

Question: As you may very well know, handing out wedding favors to invited guests in a wedding is as important as presenting the bride and groom with some gifts. My fiancé and I are very much interested to hand out some or the other favors to our guests. We want something that will make them remember our wedding and us too. Plus, we don’t want anything extravagant yet it must stand out. Our friends are bouncing off with a lot of ideas and hence we are baffled. Can you please suggest a few favor ideas?

Answer: More important than any, it is the thought behind the act of giving out gifts to guests that matters than the price tag. You can hand out each of your guests a box of scented candles or can give them pendants of precious metals. At the end of the day it will boil down to your intentions. So you don’t have to worry about the cost. Even if you keep it less extravagant, people will still appreciate the initiative.

Now before you go favor hunting, make a list of a few answers to certain key questions. Besides gratefulness, what will you favors convey? Fun, seriousness, love, serenity, or some kind of social cause? Do you want it to be usable or just a decorative artifact? Since you want to hand out a common gift to all your guests, know its universal appeal. Also decide on whether you want hand-made giveaways or something bought?

Once you have convincingly answered all the questions look out for gifts. You can give your guests vastu shastra candles, wind chimes according to vastu shastra again, small idols of gods and goddesses or coasters with your pictures engraved on it. if you are associated with a social cause, your wedding will be the best place to spread the message. You can gift your guests handcrafted items made by underprivileged people and make their lives.


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