Wedding Accessories For Bride And Groom

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Wedding Accessories For Bride And Groom

Wedding is like a jigsaw puzzle made of pieces like love, hope and inspiration and a missing fourth piece “the complete wedding look”. Today we are here to fit this missing piece and complete the puzzle. Your wedding accessories should be unseen and unforgettable that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure. Comfort, coordination and perfect placement should be taken care of while adding a bling to your look. Don’t compromise on your comfort while choosing accessories. For theme weddings accessories should match the theme.


Wedding Accessories

For Groom

Mojaris-  Mojaris are popular wedding accessories for their colourful and eclectic style. Available in a variety of range, choose one that suits your attire.

Turbans/Safas-  Turbans/safas are a symbol of self-respect, prosperity and dynamic personality of a man. Choose a turban/safa as per your height and style. Bold colours are in fashion. If your face is too heavy avoid a big brooch on your safa, instead a kalgi with a soft look is a good idea

Sehra- Sehras differ in every state and religion. The modern sehras use white pearls instead of flowers.

Swords/knives-  Important accessory especially for a Sikh or a Rajput, it is a traditional element. It symbolizes prestige and royalty. To give it a good feel get a matching kamar patta or waist belt.

Buttons/Cufflinks-  They enhance the beauty of your wedding attire like designer suit or achkans and kurta.

For Bride

Footwear- Footwear should complement your jewellery so suggested colours are red and gold. During weddings you might have to stand for long hours or walk barefoot depending on the rituals. So avoid pencil heels and opt for ankle wraps that look elegant.  

The Solah Shringar/Jewellery-  Mang Tikka is an essential part of the shringar and it varies according to the state. Wear it differently to create a new style. Nath, the nose ring is considered to be the most seductive piece of jewellery worn by the bride. Big and thin nose rings with a thin chain goes well with a bridal wear. Toe rings and anklets are more of fashion accessories. Choose the colours as per your lehenga Lakh bangles/kada/chudi appear in various types and colours. Each colour has a meaning attached to it. For example Red symbolizes energy, green for luck/marriage etc. To add style you can wear multi-coloured bangles or gold/silver kadas
Hair embellishments-  Hair embellishment can give you a complete new look and style. A tiara will add elegance to a bun hairstyle while a hair plaid wedding accessory is excellent for plaits. Hair comb suits a light duppatta. Hair accessories should be just right to make you look elegant.

Clutches- Clutches make good accessories and are a very handy tool to keep essentials. Avoid round shaped clutches.

The more you invest in your wedding, the more valuable it will become!

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