6 Fantastic Ways To Differentiate Your Honeymoon From A Vacation


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6 Fantastic Ways To Differentiate Your Honeymoon From A Vacation

After those tiring and endless wedding rituals, you want your honeymoon to be like an oasis in the desert. A place where you can relax your mind, enjoy with your soulmate and create long-lasting memories.

More often than not, it turns out to be more of a vacation full of action-packed activities, rather than calming and relaxing honeymoon. The goal to reduce your post-wedding fatigue is seldom achieved. And, you end up coming back more tired than ever after those tight sightseeing schedules and excessive commuting.

But relax!  Here, we show you six ways in which you can differentiate your honeymoon from any other holiday or vacation.

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#1. Plan well in advance

how to differntiate between honeymoon and vacation

Just like you fixed your marriage date in advance, it is beneficial to plan for your honeymoon also beforehand. Planning ahead of time helps you in achieving good deals for your travel tickets as well as hotel accommodations. More importantly, you can discuss with your partner and explore upon different options and try to bring about a consensus where both can meet their expectations of the ideal place, optimum budget to spend, and duration of stay.

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#2. Handpick a place which is exotic

how to diffrentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

If you zero in on a destination based on an advertisement published in a newspaper where hordes of tourists head every day, then you will end up being just a tourist. The idea is to select a place where people travel less frequently, which is away from the hustle-bustle of urbanisation, and is to some extent outlandish. Time spent in a place adorned with breathtaking natural beauty can be an excellent way to mark the new beginning of your life.

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#3. Opt for a comfortable and luxurious accommodation

how to differentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

Who does not like to revel in extravagance? If utter seclusion is your mantra for hiking romance, then check in into some plush villa or a lavish resort that gives you the much-needed privacy. And, do not forget to list your accommodation booking under honeymoon suite. You will be surprised by some exclusive gift for the two of you and also the valuable complementary services.

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#4. Spare those crowded sight-seeing places

how to differentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

Of course, you would love to explore your honeymoon destination, but avoid going to those cranky and noisy places. Instead, look out for some virgin beaches, exquisite sunset points, isolated jungles or some breathtaking expansive shorelines.

how to differentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

Enjoying a glass of wine at a quiet place or strolling on a serene beach hand in hand makes your day worth it.

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#5. Try digital detoxification

how to diffrentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

We understand you want to let everyone know how much fun you are having and how fantastic the place is where you have landed. It would be great if you stopped updating your Facebook status and uploading your exquisite pictures from your devices, and stand still to look up at each other. It is time to let the world around you stop and simply enjoy the bliss. You can keep all your memorable stories till the time you are home to splurge to others.

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#6. Indulge in activities which unwind

how to differentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

Instead of going the usual shop-hopping way, why don't you indulge in activities which are different and more fun-filled? Activities ranging from taking a romantic balloon ride to enjoying a jacuzzi together, from taking a sunset cruise to fishing or kayaking together, will not only relax you, but also make you at ease with one other.

how to differentiate between a honeymoon and a vacation

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Honeymoon is the magical phase where two souls dissolve into one. And for that, you need a special place and a special ambience. You can surely keep those most sought-after tourist destinations and activities aside for your future vacations. So, have a Happy Honeymoon!

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