6 Simple And Amazing Ways To Decorate Your Home For Winter


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6 Simple And Amazing Ways To Decorate Your Home For Winter

Do you dread winter just because in the cold weather, everything including your house looks dull and boring? Well, then it is time to jazz up your beautiful house with some warm accents and fabrics. Get ready and give a boot to the gloomy weather. Get your house prepared for this winter with these 6 simple tips.

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#1. Warm accents

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Warm colours like yellow, burgundy and orange can cheer up your house. You can get your walls painted in these wonderful colours. If you have a limited budget, then fret not, you can always buy pillow covers, cushions, bedsheets and sofa covers in pastel shades and give your house that warm, sunny feel.

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#2. Plants inside the house

Plants can light up any room with their freshness and are good for your health too. Place a few indoor plants in your house. If you want to add a personal touch, then you can go out shopping and pick up some quirky pots and pot holders for your pretty plants. You can also place flower vases in every room and change flowers every alternate day.

#3. Dry arrangements

If taking care of plants is not your cup of tea, then opt for dry arrangements. Don’t go for artificial flowers because they look very tacky. Instead, opt for pine cones and dried flowers to create an elegant wreath and flower arrangement for your house.

#4. Light up your house

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Winter symbolises cold and blustery winds. So, why not thwart this gloomy weather with some sparkling candles. Bring out the left over candles from Diwali and arrange them neatly in a large bowl. Add a few flower petals and you will be surprised to see its overall effect in your room. It will add not just brightness to your room, but also a lot of warmth.

If you are in a romantic mood, you can light up scented candles in your bedroom. If you don’t really like the mess candles make, then you can definitely go for pretty gel candles. Though placing candles around your house daily is not practical, but you can use them to brighten up your mood once in a while.

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You can also go for little dimmer lights during winters to add a warm and romantic touch to your house. No, don’t do away with your practical tube light. Just switch it off once in a while (maybe for dinner) and light up your lamps and other lighting fixtures.

#5. Carpets and rugs

Don’t you just hate getting up in the morning and walking on the icy floor? Then get a few carpets and rugs and warm up your house. Faux fur rugs look really beautiful and keep your feet warm, too. Carpets with intricate designs can add a royal touch to your living room. Place them around your house and you will be surprised at the difference they can make.

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#6. Go green and red

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Winter is the time to bring out all Christmas things. Even though you may not celebrate the festival, there is no harm in using these festive colours to decorate your house. Use this (red and green) quirky colour combination to decorate your living room and the festive feel will add instant warmth to your house.

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How do you decorate your home for winters? If you have more cool ideas, do let us know in the comments section.

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