Divyanka Tripathi's Hubby Vivek Dahiya Fulfills 'Maasu' Duty As He Gets Tortured By His Saali's Kids

Vivek Dahiya has accepted his wife, Divyanka Tripathi's family for good or worse and now, he has shared a video of her sister, Priyanka's kids torturing their 'maasu' brutally! 


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Divyanka Tripathi's Hubby Vivek Dahiya Fulfills 'Maasu' Duty As He Gets Tortured By His Saali's Kids

When a couple becomes man and wife, they don’t only have to accept each other, they have to accept each other’s families as well. They tie the knot not only with each other but also with each other’s families and have to stick by them through thick and thin. Well, this also means being okay even when you are being harassed or tortured by the kids in the house. Vivek Dahiya has accepted his wife, Divyanka Tripathi’s family for good or worse and now, he has shared a video of her sister, Priyanka’s kids torturing their maasu brutally! (Also Read: BB 14: Eijaz Khan Reacts To Paras Chhabra Slamming And 'Bad Mouthing' His Ladylove, Pavitra Punia)

For the unversed, Divyanka Tripathi had met Vivek Dahiya on the sets of their show, Yeh hai Mohabbatein. While they had started off as colleagues, the two had gradually fallen in love with each other. After an engagement in January 2016, Divyanka Tripathi had officially added Dahiya to her name on July 8, 2016, after marrying her soulmate, Vivek Dahiya. Their wedding had gone viral on social media and everybody was talking about the union of these two beautiful souls. We have time and again witnessed how these two actors share a beautiful bond with each other’s families and now, we have got another glimpse of the same.

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Vivek Dahiya

Taking to his IG handle on January 28, 2021, Vivek shared an adorably funny video with his niece and nephew. In the video, we can see, Vivek being brutally tortured by his saali, Priyanka’s kids. The kids can be seen picking his lips, eyes or making weird faces for him. Sharing the video, Vivek wrote, “Had to be shared. I’d rather post it than save it on my cloud and let you people witness the torture their Maasu (Mickey Maause) has to bear. They are a rage and entertainment channel at the same time. This is just a 2 min snippet. Enjoy! @priyanka_sameer_tiwari #ToofaanMail.”

Divyanka shares a super special bond with her elder sister, Priyanka and considers her as her support system. On June 16, 2020, Divyanka's elder sister, Priyanka had turned a year older and to make her day super special, the actress had penned a special note. She had taken to her Instagram handle and had posted a couple of pictures with her sister. Alongside it, she had written, "Happy Birthday to my #GangstaSista @priyanka_sameer_tiwari.. One who has shielded me from class bullies to eve-teasers to the evil world around! #FirstTeacherAtHome. Elder sis who I miss. Love you Sweetyyyyyy! -Chaani."

Earlier, in an India Today column, Divyanka had talked about her sister and had shared that and that she has always been the pillar of support in her life. Talking about her second mother, the actress had revealed, "When it comes to emotional management, my sister is my second mother. For anything emotional, I had great support in my sister Priyanka. I am lucky to have two mothers as I had double support. My sister has always been by the emotional go-to person and I still follow the principles taught by her. Be it womanhood, or my crushes, I used to discuss it with her. Not only my sister, but I also shared anything and everything with my mom and dad too. And now that I am married, my husband too is my best friend. I don't really need a lot of friends outside considering I have such strong innate family support." 

Divyanka Tripathi

In the same column, Divyanka had also talked about her childhood and had shared, "We are three siblings-my elder sister Priyanka, a bariatric counselor in Columbia Asia hospital, and my younger brother, Aishwarya, a pilot with Indigo, and we all have been motivated by our mother to try out different things in our growing up years. She would never overtly pamper us or be over-protective about things, in fact, she would encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and participate in different kinds of activities. Even though I was interested in learning new things, at times I would get laidback. But I have never seen her stopping; she would constantly push us towards our goal and enrolled us in multiple activities. I was attending hundreds of classes thanks to her and learning innumerable things. She would ask us to even pursue things we have a lesser inclination for, saying we would end up learning something from it."

Divyanka Tripathi

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