Bring On The Old-World Charm With Vintage Hairstyles This Wedding Season


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Bring On The Old-World Charm With Vintage Hairstyles This Wedding Season

Fashion has a tendency to repeat by re-inventing itself time and again. Old-world retro waves, finger-waves, retro bun, beehive bun, shells, pompadour, blunt and short bob haircut are some hairdos from the golden era– of both Bollywood and Hollywood, and are ringing back to trend. These voluminous, huge hairstyles look very royal and elegant, adding a dash of oomph.

Indian women, especially brides, after having enough of straight and re-bonded hair, that are thin and lifeless, are loving these full-of-volume yet sleek hairstyles, and are flaunting them with utmost grace. So, how the urban brides as well as the bridesmaids can don this trend with élan is better elaborated here. Read on!

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The Bollywood and the vintage

deepika padukone

The Bollywood ladies from the golden era were an epitome of natural beauty, and often exhibited it through their thick and lustrous hairstyles. Be it the ultimate and all-time favourite Sadhna haircut with a peppy blunt and chic fringe, the bouffant/puffy braid with gajra of Mumtaz, or Sharmila Tagore’s extra-bouncy, puffed-up bun– all these ladies charmed their eras, and are inspiring the vintage-seeking brides of today as well! All these kept on ruling the hearts of college going girls, era after era and are a hit today as well.

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Taking cue from Hollywood, we have also been very flattered by Marilyn Monroe. So, whether she flaunted her long wavy finger curls, or a short and twisted bob, or even a plain wavy blunt, the diva brought out the real-retro through each of her style. Similarly, Jacqueline Kennedy’s soft blunt cut with finger waves always remind us of Hollywood’s golden days, and also the time when all women wanted to copy her hairstyle.

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Vintage styles in vogue for brides


Bouffant buns and puffy-crown braids are all-time favourites for Indian brides, to attain a retro look. These chic retro styles look stunning on a pallu-clad face, and also complement the maang tikka. The ‘Sharmila Tagore middle-partition bun’ endows ample space for maang tikkas, jhoomars and matha patti. With retro styles like beehive buns becoming a trend, shells are adding some more old-world charm to the look of the bride. The shells are very much in trend and are being flaunted by the modern brides with utmost sophistication.

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Besides, the bridesmaids can try styles such as twice-bound ponytail, double bun, or retro waves to infuse the essence of the golden days in their look. The brides may also opt for vintage braids like a twice-bound braid, a close-knit retro fishtail braid with puffed-up front, or an extreme side-braid with flowers, to be the Sharmila of this era. While puffy hairstyles have been adding a dash of old world charm in the brides, short cuts are the favourite amongst the bridesmaids. These brides’ best-friends can bring their daring side out and try short haircuts like asymmetrical short bob, pixie, or retro blunt cuts.

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Ace your accessorising game

bollywood hairstyles

A huge maang tikka, a studded passa/jhoomar and other similar huge accessories can adorn your hairstyle with utmost class. Go for Swarovski-studded passa or stone-embedded accessories in different hues, to steal the show! Brides are also incorporating vintage hair buns along with big flowers, instead of those typical gajras to look glamorous yet sophisticated.

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DIY hairdo for bridesmaids

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Let us admit it that it is the bride who steals all the attention at her wedding, obviously, it is her day after all! While, bridesmaids are often short of time to visit a salon, so they wish to style their tresses in the best way possible.

Don’t worry as we shares an easy step-by-step DIY hairstyle, which the bridesmaid can make herself! The bride too can don this hairstyle, for other important functions such as sangeet, cocktail, etc.

Step 1: Start with a side partition. Take a small hair segment towards the front hairline, and divide it into three sections (ABC), same as you would do for a usual French braid.

Step 2: Next, start braiding by pulling strand A across strand B. Repeat the process by pulling strand C across strand B.

Step 3: Now, let strand C loose; while making it fall with the rest of the tresses.

Step 4: Take another strand, preferably right below the forming braid, to replace strand C followed by folding-up the new strand over strand B.

Step 5: Pick a further section of hair to strand A and crease over. Keep continuing the procedure around the crown by repeating steps 3-5.

Step 6: Finish the waterfall braid by braiding horizontally down the crown, and secure with a thin typical braid pin behind the ear, to emerge like an ultimate chic bridesmaid.

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So ladies, try these retro hairstyles for any of the functions of your wedding to look absolutely gorgeous with an old-world charm to it.