Venus Retrograde Weddings


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Venus Retrograde Weddings

Venus Retrogrades come at least once a year and most of the time, they come during peak wedding season. But astrologically, do they really influence the course of a wedding? Lets find out

What is a Venus Retrograde?

A Venus Retrograde comes once in eighteen months. During that period of time, several astrologers recommend that you avoid holding any auspicious weddings. This is because Venus is supposed to be the goddess of love and relationships. Once a year, the planet Venus appears to backtrack across the skies in a retrograde alignment with the sun. This period is therefore considered a bad time to start with new events and business contracts. This year the Venus Retrograde starts from October 8th and extends over 45 days to November 15th.

What can happen?

The Venus Retrograde can be further divided into a pre-retrograde period, the main event and the post retrograde period. Its a good idea to ask your astrologer to combine your horoscope and your fiancee horoscope to find out the exact time to host your wedding. Remember that a Venus Retrograde affect the Cardinal Signs more than other signs. That means Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. If your astrologer feels that this retrograde will affect you considerably then its a good idea to evaluate your wedding date again. As a precaution, here are the top three things that should not be done during a Venus Retrograde

1) Avoid buying any luxury items and any beauty related items. Try to donate that same cash to charities and foundations which will use the money for useful purposes.

2) You might feel like leaving a difficult job, or terminating a strained relationship. But this is not the time to do so. Venus Retrogrades can bring out suppressed difficulties in relationships making them seem large and insurmountable. But the Retrograde encourages introspection and thought on existing problems.

3) New relationships formed during this period may be exceeding romantic but might not last all that long after the retrograde period.


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