9 Unusual And Unexpected Uses Of Salt For Household Problems That You Might Not Know


By Sreejan Guha Niyogi Last Updated:

9 Unusual And Unexpected Uses Of Salt For Household Problems That You  Might Not Know

Did you know that salt can make your bitter coffee taste better? Or it can tell you how fresh your eggs are? Or that it can help you to cure bee stings?

Well, yes! Salt actually acts as a catalyst in solving several medical and household problems. So, let’s take a look at a few of them.

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#1. Cleans artificial flowers

Uses of salt

Taking out time everyday to clean every individual petal of a bouquet of silk or nylon flowers is a strenuous task. Instead, just toss the flowers in a gallon-sized zip lock bag along with a cup of salt. Shake the bag well. The salt will automatically whisk away the dust. Your artificial flowers will be as good as new.

#2. Removes stains from clothes

Uses of salt

In case you spill wine on your shirt, just sprinkle some salt on the spot immediately, and let it absorb. It will remove maximum wine out of the fabric. Besides this, if you want to remove sweat stains from your dress, just dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water and pour it on that spot. Further, rub it off with a brush until the stain becomes invisible.

#3. Cures a bee sting

Uses of salt

First of all, remove the stinger very carefully. Further, wet the area and immediately apply a paste of salt and water on it. Let it dry; it will reduce the inflammation and relieve your pain. You can follow the same procedure in case of other bug bites as well.

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#4. Extends a broom's life

Uses of salt

A new broom will last longer if you soak its bristles in a bucket of hot and salty water. Before its first use, just dip the broom in this water for about 20 minutes, and then allow it to dry.

#5. Checks the freshness of an egg

Uses of salt

If you want to test whether the eggs in your basket are fresh or not, here is a solution for you. Put the eggs in a bowl of cold water with two tablespoons of salt in it. If they sink to the bottom, they are fresh enough to use. And if they float, discard them right away. Also, boiling eggs in salt water make them easier to peel.

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#6. Rectifies the taste of coffee

Uses of salt

Over-brewed coffee often tastes bitter. So, add a pinch of salt to your cup before pouring the coffee in it. Salt actually acts as a bitterness reducer, thereby blocking your brain and tongue from receiving any such bitter taste. This further adds to the taste of coffee. Also, salt rubbed on ice cubes can be used to clean the coffee stains from a coffee pot.

#7. Deodorises your shoes

Uses of salt

Your bellies and canvas shoes smell really bad when you wear them without socks, especially during the summers. So, occasionally sprinkle some salt in them. It will automatically soak the moisture and will keep the odour at bay.

#8. Removes lipstick marks

Uses of salt

It gets pretty difficult to remove lipstick marks from glassware. This is so, because the sticky substance which helps your lip liner to stay on your lips, sticks to the glass as well. So, before washing your glasses, just rub the edges with some salt to erase those lipstick stains.

#9. Keeps the salad crisp

Uses of salt

Do you often prepare salad for a party, but by the time the guests start coming in, it loses its freshness? But, do not worry! Just add some salt to your salad immediately after you prepare it. It will help the veggies to remain crisp for several hours.

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So, these were a few uses of salt that you might know. Nonetheless, now that you are aware of these unusual uses of it, try them once and share your feedback with us in the comments section below!