8 Brilliant Daily Life Hacks Of Baby Powder You've Never Considered Before


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8 Brilliant Daily Life Hacks Of Baby Powder You've Never Considered Before

Baby powder takes us back to the days when we were little toddlers. Our mother would dab a generous amount of it on us, before she let us out to explore the world on our own. It had a special fragrance which would make us all nostalgic as we grew older and saw it being used on our kid brother or sister. But why should baby powder be restricted to children alone? You can make a good use of it too. Here are the 8 unique uses of baby powder.

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#1 Absorb grease stains

Benefits of baby powder

Now, you need not be worried, when oily food leaves grease stains on your clothes. Dab some baby powder on the stain and let it absorb the oil. Keep applying till the powder completely soaks in the grease and the oil vanishes.

#2 Slip on your rubber gloves

Benefits of baby powder

Are your cleaning gloves being too stubborn and not letting your hands in? It is probably because the inner layer of the gloves has worn out. Instead of struggling to wear your glove, apply baby powder and slip your gloves on with ease.

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#3 Protect your books

Benefits of baby powder

Monsoon is a terrible season for book lovers. All that dampness makes books mouldy and gives fungus a chance to spoil your favourite classics. Instead of cribbing, just sprinkle an ample amount of baby powder on the pages which are spoilt and make the book dry out in the sun. You will definitely be surprised with the result. You can follow the same tip to keep your child’s homework books and text books mould free.

#4 Ant repellent

Benefits of baby powder

Are you tired of spraying ant repellent to keep those pesky insects at bay? Then sprinkle some baby powder on the window panes and in the cracks on the floor of your house. Baby powder acts as great ant repellent as ants cannot walk over it.

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#5 Foot odour

Benefits of baby powder

Does the foul smell coming out of your running shoes make you puke? Then get rid of it with some fragrant baby powder. Dust some powder inside your shoes as well as your socks before you hit the gym to keep them free of stink.

#6 Waxing

Benefits of baby powder

Sometimes after waxing, you notice that certain area has not been properly waxed. Dust your legs and hands with baby powder before waxing them. With the powder on your skin, you can easily locate even a single hair that is left to be waxed off. Baby powder also helps in spreading the hot wax evenly across the skin. After you have showered, dab some powder on the area you have waxed for a soothing effect.

#7 Cool sheets in summer

Benefits of baby powder

Are those silk bed sheets making you all clammy and robbing you of your beauty sleep in the middle of the night? Then sprinkle some baby powder between your sheets and re-enter your land of dreams in peace. Baby powder is known for its cooling properties and hence is apt for those hot nights.

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#8 Gorgeous hair

Benefits of baby powder

If you are in a bit of a rush but your hair looks really dull and oily, then grab some baby powder and sprinkle it over your scalp. Brush it off well with a wide tooth comb and ensure that none of it remains. Baby powder will temporarily get rid of the oil and make your hair look pretty. But remember to wash your hair the minute you come back home.

So, here we're! These were the unusual benefits of baby powder that you probably didn't know. So, what are you waiting for? The next time you happen to see baby powder lying around, you know what all to do with it.

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