Here Is Why Akshay And Raveena Never Got Married To Each Other, Even After A Secret Engagement


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Here Is Why Akshay And Raveena Never Got Married To Each Other, Even After A Secret Engagement

She was the ultimate fantasy queen of men in the 90s. Who can forget, the yellow saree girl dancing in the rain singing tip tip barsa paani…Raveena Tandon, one actress whose beauty and sensuality put fire on-screen.

However, off-screen this beauty was once madly in love with none other than the Khiladi Akshay Kumar. Their love bloomed with the release of their film Mohra in 1994. Their chemistry sizzled on-screen and with that the reports of them being close off-screen speculated in the media.

On the surface level, their love-story looked picture perfect. They both were Punjabis and looked great together. Akshay and Raveena were spotted together on many occasions and the whole Bollywood industry thought they are going to announce their marriage anytime. Raveena even stopped signing films since Akshay wanted her to be a house-wife.

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Raveena in an interview to Stardust in 1999 revealed that Akshay said he will marry her the day she will finish her last shoot. Raveena admitted that Akshay and she had got engaged secretly in a mandir.

According to her, since Akshay had a fear of losing his career and female-fans, he did not let their engagement news to be public at that time. But what went wrong between the two, that they both parted ways?

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During their courtship phase, in 1996 Akshay-Raveena–Rekha starrer Khiladiyon ka Khiladi released and with that the link-up stories of Akshay and Rekha became the sensational news in the media.

Raveena, who was already dealing with the flamboyant nature of Akshay could not take this infidelity anymore and finally was left-heart broken and shattered.

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Post her break-up, Raveena Tandon gave many sensational interviews against Akshay in the media. She clearly said that loyalty meant everything to her.

Akshay expected her to forgive him and take him back every time, which she even did for three years, but not anymore. Raveena further said that while Akshay was engaged to her, he got engaged to two other girls also.

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In her July 1999 interview, a heart-broken Raveena said that Akshay proposes to every girl and the speed on which he is going, he will soon have to address the parents of three-fourth of girls in Mumbai as ‘Mom and Dad’.

Raveena further said that she does not blame any other woman for her break-up since it was her man who was not loyal.

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With this, the love that could have been turned into marriage ended on a sour and sad note. Now, both Akshay and Raveena are leading happily married but separate lives. Here is a toast to a love forever lost betweent the pages of Bollywood history books. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.