Stunning Blouse Neck Designs That Can Make Bridal Lehenga More Royal And Elegant


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Stunning Blouse Neck Designs That Can Make Bridal Lehenga More Royal And Elegant

When it comes to bridal lehengas, a blouse can make or break the entire look. Its fitting and its material should be chosen wisely, but the most important thing that the brides should keep in their minds is the design of the blouse. We are sure that you want to look the best in your wedding pictures and for that, your lehenga and your blouse should be perfect too.

Since only the neck of the blouse is usually visible, following all the flower garlands, every bride thinks a thousand times before finalising the neck design of her blouse. Here are some tried and tested neck designs for the blouse that some real brides swear by!

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#1. Simple square

Neck Designs

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You can never go wrong with this. It is simple and can be worn by brides of all the body types. Just add some embroidery on it and you are good to go.

#2. Gol gala

Neck Designs

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A gol gala is perfect for the brides who want to give their wedding lehenga a royal touch. A bonus point here is that you can ditch your necklace altogether by opting heavy embroidery on the gol gala design. And if the embroidery isn't that heavy, you can go for a neck piece then.

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#3. Jacket style

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Give your bridal lehenga a modern touch with the jacket design. It does not matter whether you keep the length of the blouse small or long, just borrow the neck design of a jacket and look stylish on your D-day.

#4. Collar style

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Though a collar style looks elegant on everyone, it is the ideal style for the brides with narrow shoulders. It will give your shoulders a fuller look and you can even flaunt your necklace through it.

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#5. Cage net

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Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja Photography

We have all seen cage designs at the back of the blouses, but it's time to bring them in front. Play with the cage design just like this fashionista bride.

#6. Inspired by sweetheart

Neck Designs

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

This gorgeous neck design is inspired by sweetheart necklines. They are favourite of most of the brides. They give the entire look a feminine touch.

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We hope that your blouse troubles are over now. Show these designs to your stylist and we are sure that they will be inspired by them too. Don't ignore the details of your blouse, if you want to look perfect on your wedding day.