TopTrends In Wedding Flower Bouquets


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TopTrends In Wedding Flower Bouquets

Let’s admit it! Flowers are one of the most important attractions of any wedding day. A wedding bouquet not just sets the mood and adds a speck of color and beauty to the event but also make the bride look more graceful and pretty. Selecting the right flowers is not easy as it sounds as wedding flower trends keep changing and include a slew of colours and designs.

How to discover the latest trends in Wedding bouquets
The best option tokeep a tab on the latest trends in wedding bouquets and the fashion statements in wedding circles would be to visit any wedding flower shop. A costly bouquet need not be always the best option. So, it is better to look at the beauty, the aesthetic value and colour balance of the bouquet rather than its price tag while scouting for wedding bouquets.

Choose a Bouquet that Complements your Wedding Destination
Though it might sound weird, the fact is that wedding destinations, themes and backgrounds do play a big role in the selection of wedding bouquets. For instance, in case you are planning a beach wedding, you might need a colorful and massive floral bouquet unlike a church wedding, where you can choose something more subtle like white or pastels for the flower colour.

Bouquet Designs that are Worth a Second Look
Here are some of the latest wedding floral ideas and designs that would help you to choose a perfect wedding bouquet without burning a hole in your pockets!

Pomander bouquet
It takes only a few minutes to set up a beautiful pomander bouquet, popularly known as kissing ball. True to its name, it is a ball of colorful flowers hung from satin ribbon loops. Pomander bouquets are typically carried by bride’s maids and are great options to add a casual fervor to the wedding theme.

The ballerina bouquet
In case you are fancying a budget wedding, this dainty floral bouquet made of a few flowers and masses of tulle would be a perfect pick. Stylish and easy on your pockets, ballerina bouquet will add a reverie charm to the wedding day.

Fruit and flower arrangement
If you are a bride who likes to try out something off the beaten path, the fruit and flower display will leave you floored for sure. The elaborate fruit displays that are well accentuated with displays and fine ice carvings could impart a heavenly milieu. You can embellish this bouquet with shimmering metal wires or crystals for a surprise effect. Save a pretty penny by going for silk flower arrangements that would cost you only a fraction of fresh flower arrangement.

Flower Hoop Bouquet
It is a beautiful, hand tied bouquet of a few stems of flowers like phlox and cosmos with a satin ribbon. It could be a good choice for weddings in outdoor venues like gardens or parks.

The Arm Sheaf Bouquet
Long stemmed flowers are tied together with a pretty ribbon to make this bouquet, which is typically carried by the bride in her arm. You can make it as ornate or simple as you wish and it is one of the most popular options among brides who opt for a modern themed wedding. 

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