Top 6 Grooming Essentials For Grooms Who Want To Look Super-Hot On Their Wedding Day


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Top 6 Grooming Essentials For Grooms Who Want To Look Super-Hot On Their Wedding Day

This is for all you soon-to-be-grooms whose marriage may be a few months away, or you may just have only a couple of weeks to go. Whatever the case be, you need to kick start your grooming routine as soon as possible.

No, do not scoff at the idea of getting into a grooming regime. You need to realise that nowadays, the groom is given as much importance as the bride. After all, it is your special day too. So, we bring you here a few grooming essentials, which will ensure that you look absolutely dashing on your wedding day.

#1. Regular face cleansing

You will be in as much limelight as your bride, so your skin needs to look radiant too. So, this is what we suggest you to do! Next time you stop by at a grocery store, do not forget to buy a face wash for yourself. Wash your face with it twice a day, and you will be really happy with the results. If you have dry skin, then you should also invest in a good moisturiser. On the other hand, those of you with oily skin should get hold of a good astringent to keep your face oil-free. Alternatively, book an appointment at a spa, a week before your wedding, for a facial and exfoliation session. A spa session will relax your nerves and pamper your skin. 

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#2. Hair care

Smooth and silky hair can really enhance your overall look. So, start taking special care of your hair. Here are a few tips on what you can do:

  • Go for a hair spa a day before your wedding. 
  • Shampoo and condition your hair every alternate day. Also, do not use hot water for your hair, just go for lukewarm water.
  • Stay away from gels for a few weeks before your wedding day. Some hair gels contain silicon, which can make your hair look oily and dull. Instead, invest in a high-end hair mousse. 
  • When it comes to the haircut for your special day, your regular barber will just not do. Splurge a little and book an appointment with a good hair stylist. Also, be a little careful about your haircut. Do not do something crazy that you will regret. After all, you do not want to have a bad hair day right before your wedding.
  • Facial hair is something which you need to be careful about too. So do not forget to trim your nose and ear hair to prepare for your wedding.

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#3. Shaving

Razor cuts and burns are the things that you would want to avoid on your wedding day. So, invest in a high quality razor. Better still, go for professional shaving. It will leave you with an undoubtedly smooth and neat look.

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#4. Body odour

Get an aluminum-free deodorant to combat odour. If you have sensitive skin, then look for an unscented men’s deodorant. Also, try to take zinc and magnesium supplements. These minerals might be lacking in your diet, which is contributing to bad body odour. Tight clothing can make you sweat more, leading to body odour. Natural fibres, like cotton and linen, fight odour better than synthetic fabrics like nylon. So, invest in a lot of cotton undervests.

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#5. Manicure and pedicure

Unsightly feet and chipped nails is a sight that can repel anyone, especially your bride. If nothing else, then your photographer will surely be zooming in on you, as you take off your shoes or extend your hand out for the wedding rituals. Well, there is no reason to worry! There is nothing that a good manicure and pedicure cannot treat. They will clean the skin surrounding your nails, make your nails shine, and help you get rid of those painful cuticles. 

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#6. Oral hygiene

If you want to look absolutely flawless in your wedding pictures, then your pearly whites should also be spotless. You can book an appointment with the dentist or try out some home remedies. Rubbing lemon juice or strawberries can help prevent teeth staining, and hence will make sure that your pictures come out really great. Also, if you suffer from bad breath, then ask your doctor to give you some medication or a mouth spray to ensure that your bad breath does not lead to any uncomfortable situations.

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So, just follow these few grooming tips and you can look dazzling on your wedding day. And, get ready to strike picture perfect poses with your better half on your D-day, and even after that!