Top 4 Most Romantic Books Of All Times


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Top 4 Most Romantic Books Of All Times

Romantic books make a wonderful companion, especially to the women. Reading a romantic novel is like witnessing a great love story along with all its details- surges and falls. Reading a good romantic book while sitting by the side of a window on a lonely wintery night can really please your senses. Thus, romantic books are a must have. Here are some of the most romantic books of all times.

Gone With the Wind: Gone with the Wind  is a story of the life and journey of a rich American woman named Scarlet O’Hara. Scarlet, though not the most beautiful woman in the social circle is very charming in her ways and knows exactly how to attract men towards her.  While most men drool over Scarlet, Scarlet’s heart beats for a man named Ashley Wilkes, who is married to Melanie Hamilton who happens to be Scarlet’s cousin. Scarlet’s life changes when Rhett Butler, a man with low social reputation enters in the story. Set against the backdrop of American Civil War, Gone with the Wind is an absolutely wonderful book and Rhett Butler, the dream man of every woman.

Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte’s timeless classic is a romantic novel that every person should read. Much more complicated than any love story ever written, Wuthering Heights is a treat for anyone who likes to understand human nature and complex love. The story revolves around the romance of Catherine Earnshaw and HeathCliff. Wuthering Heights is a ride through an adventurous romance that is both fulfilling as well as destructive in bits and parts.

Twilight: Though often hugely criticized by literary reviewers, this book is a favorite of every teenage girl. Isabella Swan finds her in middle of chaos and confusion when she discovers that the man she loves, Edward Cullen is a not a normal human being but a Vampire. Twilight is a story of timeless love and irrevocable love. Edward Cullen will instantly become your dream man and the fact that you can never have a man like him will leave you desiring him all the more.

Romeo and Juliet: Though not a book, this play of Shakespeare has been the inspiration beyond the most beautiful of the romantic books ever written. Quite like many other, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story where both the hero as well as the heroine dies in the end. However, the setting and Shakespeare’s style of narration and his poetry have made this play a benchmark over which all the other romantic novels are often rated.


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