7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Maintain Feminine Hygiene On A Daily Basis


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7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Maintain Feminine Hygiene On A Daily Basis

Beauty does not only come from your outer appearance or dressing up in the trendy ensembles. Real beauty lies in maintaining personal hygiene and being healthy from inside. Maintaining feminine personal hygiene not only helps you to battle infections and detrimental diseases, but it creates an aura of freshness around, when you get busy with your chores.

So, dear ladies, just spare a few moments to look through the following seven tips to maintain personal hygiene.

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#1. Bathing

Feminine Hygiene

Taking a shower regularly is essential in order to expel the dead cells that accumulate on your skin. Go for a shower gel or a soap, which will not be harsh on your skin, and maintain its pH balance. Also, it is best to use lukewarm water while bathing.

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#2. Care for feminine area

Feminine Hygiene

While you must be cleaning your intimate area everyday thoroughly with douches (feminine wash) and cleansers, the fact remains that the natural discharge is a self-cleanser in itself. It protects your feminine area from bacteria and infections. Excessive use of soaps and cleansers on this area can slowly hamper its natural protective barrier, thus making it vulnerable to infections and irritation. Therefore, it is advisable only to cleanse the external part with mild soap and warm water, and not attempt to clean the internals at all!

#3. Care during menstruation

Feminine Hygiene

In order to feel fresh, and stay healthy and odourless during this time, changing your sanitary pads and tampons frequently throughout the day is important. Use of douches or perfumed products during this time of your cycle is again a strict no-no, as your reproductive tract is built in a way to cleanse the area on its own. Avoid wearing a sanitary pad or tampon for more than eight hours.

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#4. Comfortable clothing

Feminine Hygiene

Tight clothes and synthetic fabrics reduce air circulation to your feminine area. Wear panties or underpants made from soft, breathable and natural fabrics like cotton. These would allow air flow, and will prevent your vaginal area from developing yeast and bacterial infections. Also, avoid wearing wet or sweaty underpants for a long time, especially during the night. This increases chances of odour and infection.

#5. Care after indulging in sexual activities

Feminine Hygiene

Bodily fluids and residue from protections can cause infections and odours. Gentle washing of your feminine area with warm water and mild soap post activity, and using protection during the activity is essential to prevent any infections and diseases.

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#6. Avoid using washcloth

Feminine Hygiene

Do you use your toothbrush for any other purpose apart from cleaning your teeth? Or, do you use the same toothbrush every day without cleaning it first? Well, same goes for the things that come in contact with your sensitive areas. If you use a washcloth or loofah to scrub your body, then do not use the same to clean your feminine area. These washcloths have a tendency to retain bacteria in them. Even if you are using a washcloth for your intimate area, make sure it is meant only for that purpose and it is cleaned regularly.

#7. Taking care of your diet

Feminine Hygiene

You should have a diet that is rich in fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Yoghurt is another common food that is a great source of good bacteria, which keeps your feminine area healthy. It also prevents yeast infections. Garlic is an ingredient that also keeps you away from yeast infection. It also helps in getting rid of bad odour in the vaginal area. Water is very essential as it not only keeps you hydrated, but also helps to flush out toxins.

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Follow these easy tips to maintain feminine hygiene on a daily basis and stay fresh all day long. These tips will also protect you from various infections.        

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