Tips To Increase Hair Volume


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Tips To Increase Hair Volume

One of the most emotionally hard things that women can experience is hair thinning. For woman, hair is a source of pride and thus, thinning of hair can be devastating to her self-esteem. Post-pregnancy hormones, menopause, poor diet, stress and illness are some of the potential causes of thinning of hair in women. To make your hair look bulky and youthful, here are some tips to get thicker hair

Determine the Cause

Now it’s the right time to check with your doctor and determine the cause of hair thinning, whether it is due to lack of protein intake or hormonal imbalance.

Massaging your scalp really works

The circulation in the scalp needs to be improved. Massage you hair scalp with warm coconut or olive oil in circular motions. After that, cover a warm wet towel around your head. Regular application of oil will help in thickening of hair and reducing hair fall.

A healthy Diet

Minerals and vitamins are essential for hair growth. Take a good supplement of healthy diet at least twice a day. Drink fresh vegetable/fruit juice once a day. Intake of vitamin A (found in spinach) helps to keep your hair healthy, vitamin B affects hair growth and vitamin C increases circulation in the scalp to encourage hair growth. The best food sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits and peppers.

What to avoid

Avoid salt, sugar and alcohol as over consumption of them leads to dandruff and hair loss. Don’t go for crash diets which are low in protein. Also avoid combing your hair when they are wet because it can break your hair easily. Better to gouge out moisture and pat it dry.

Homemade remedy

Apply yoghurt on your scalp; it would keep your hair healthy and smooth. You can even use a paste of fenugreek seeds and curd. Apply it for 20 minutes to make your hair healthy and dandruff free. Avoid washing your hair in hot water as it can cause your hair to become weak and increase hair fall.

Constant Conditioning is A-Must

Conditioning is important to maintain your hair luster and growth. Your hair loses its shine due to the increased exposure of the elements and constant use of hair blowers/dryers. So, to keep your hair moisturized, switch to strong conditioning treatments. Applying curd acts as an excellent conditioner. Do it once in a week and see the results.

So, now as you’ve got the tips for increasing hair volume, do share your experiences as well.

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