Homemade Remedies And Cosmetic Procedures To Easily Get Rid Of Open Pores


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Homemade Remedies And Cosmetic Procedures To Easily Get Rid Of Open Pores

You have always been worried about open pores and never found a way out of it? Don't worry! You have certainly come to the right place because we have a few remedies that can help you gain your confidence back.

Here, we bring to you some of the easy homemade remedies and a few other cosmetic ones to get rid of the same. All you need is patience throughout the treatment, whether at home or at a skin clinic.

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Home remedies

#1. Egg white

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A temporary method of reducing the size of a large pore is using egg white. Remove the yolk of an egg and apply the white portion of it on your face. Give it 20 minutes to dry off and then wash your face with cold water to seal the pore openings. 

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#2. Steam

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Steam facial is an easy and inexpensive way of removing dirt from clogged pores. Boil some water in a pan and let it cool off, before you place your face over the pan. Keep a safe distance to prevent your face from burning. Once you have taken the steam facial, you can wash your face with cold water. 

#3. Tomato pulp

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Apply tomato pulp on your face and let it remain on your face for 10 minutes. Make sure you rinse your face with cold water to reduce pore size. You may apply tomato pulp regularly on your face because it acts as a natural toner for your skin.

#4. Fuller’s earth (multani mitti)

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We all know that fuller’s earth works as a natural toner. This is the reason you can use it to get rid of those ugly open pores. Prepare a mixture of fuller’s earth and water (neither too watery not sticky), and apply it on your face. Wash your face with cool water after it dries. Initially, you will see the pore size shrinking considerably, and eventually, it will vanish.

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Medical/cosmetic procedures

#5. Chemical peels

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Chemical peels are applied on the skin to remove the dead skin cells to give it a youthful appearance. This also stimulates collagen production and aids the process of improving skin tone and texture. Although a chemical peel might not reduce the size of your pores, but it can make them appear smaller. But, don’t lose your heart! A dermatologist or a surgeon can tell you whether a chemical peel would benefit you or not. You may experience a burning sensation, stingy in nature for about 10 minutes.

#6. Photofacials

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Photofacials are used to treat various skin problems and one of them is large pores. With specific range of light wavelengths, this treatment can penetrate the skin to reduce the size of enlarged pores. It has no downtime and the results can be seen immediately. Most people describe the sensation as a snap of a rubber band, but it is not that bad.

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These were a few ways with the help of which you can say good bye to those ugly open pores. Other than these, you must follow some rules like washing your face before sleeping, lest your pores suck in your make up, and make your skin look like a blotting paper with patches around.