7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Arranging Transportation For Your Wedding Guests


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7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Arranging Transportation For Your Wedding Guests

Of all the wedding planning hassles that couples and their families go through, transportation is probably the most stressful area. Deciding on the wedding transportation requires thoughtful processing, arrangements made well in advance and efficient decision-making. How many cars will be needed for the guests? When will the cars need to be booked?

Availability of parking spaces, possible delays in traffic, costs involved, etc. are some very important points to be considered. To help make planning easy, take a look at our tips and guidelines on how to go about planning for your wedding transportation.

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#1. Make reservations well ahead of time

Booking for cars or other transportation for the wedding must be done well in advance, at least 3-4 months prior to the wedding date. Booking earlier can probably get you cheaper deals, and also keep you stress-free when the D-day arrives. Car hiring companies get super-busy in the wedding season. The chances of unavailability and exorbitant rates are much higher then. Do not forget to check for the various packages, discounts and deals that are available as well.

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#2. Decide on the kind of transportation

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The next part is deciding the kind of transportation you want. Whether it is a bus, a car, an SUV, or any other vehicle that you prefer. While a stylish vehicle could be your preference, you should not forget other important things like space, comfort and budget. Your special guests being stuck in an uncomfortable car in a traffic jam could be the last thing on your mind!

#3. Provide a complete itinerary

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Since many guests might be arriving from other cities, give a detailed itinerary to the guests and the transportation company to avoid any confusion. Keep in mind the wedding day activities, schedules for pick and drop timing, as well as points. A list of contact numbers in case of emergency, and other similar details should be neatly mentioned in a sheet given to each guest as well as the drivers of the cars or buses.

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#4. Provide a ride back to the place of accommodation

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In case the bride and groom belong to different cities, there will be a common place of accommodation arranged for the guests. In this case, make sure that there is an appropriate and convenient ride arranged for them back to the place of accomodation. This courteous gesture will not go unnoticed.

#5. Keep delays in mind

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Do remember, the actual wedding day is going to be one big havoc of activities. No matter how well you plan, something or the other is bound to pop-up. So, add 20-30 minutes to the planned time. Delays in traffic, bad roads, people taking time to get ready, are some things that can cause annoying delays. Just make sure you have given instructions to the car hiring company to consider the extra time that might be required. Asking the drivers to start early would be the best thing to do.

#6. Attend to your guests' needs

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Transportation reflects the image of the actual wedding arrangements for your guests, especially those coming from outstations. So, make sure you give a very good impression. Good music, air-conditioning and refreshments in the cars are some of the best ways to make your guests feel comfortable.

#7. Things to avoid

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Most people make these common mistakes that are absolutely avoidable:

  • Not hiring professional transportation.
  • Giving personal needs priority over guests’ needs.
  • Booking only for the actual wedding day, overlooking the pre- and post-wedding requirements.
  • Not verifying the contract with the hiring company carefully.
  • Forgetting to consider parking spaces.
  • Not considering and making the routes easy for the guests.

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Planning for conveyance for your guests on the biggest day of your life is extremely vital, unlike what most people tend to think. It ensures the smooth flow of the rest of the activities that follow, and make for a happy day. Keeping the checklist handy would be a smart idea!



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