12 Thoughts Every Groom Has When It Comes To Jewellery Shopping For The Wedding


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12 Thoughts Every Groom Has When It Comes To Jewellery Shopping For The Wedding

One of the most important aspects of the wedding shopping is the jewellery. What to buy, how much to buy and from where to buy are some of the things that go on in every wedding house.

The mother of the bride or the groom start collecting some amount of jewellery for this special occasion, right from the time their child is born. But, it is important to buy latest designs in jewellery that suits the taste of our generation.

And, as much as wedding jewellery shopping excites the bride, have you ever wondered what goes on in the groom’s mind? Well read on to know just that!

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#1. Why do I have to come along?

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This is pure torture, people! Is it really a guy’s area to interfere? And my opinion won’t really matter as in the end, she will buy what she likes the best.

#2. Wait, how much did you say that was?

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Was it worn by Princess Diana to cost that whopping figure? What is it made of anyways, 10000 diamonds? We can feed an entire army with that amount. We don’t need that, next one please!

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#3. Artificial jewellery is so much better

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And, attractive and light and gorgeous and easily available and versatile and CHEAP!!

#4. I am sure she will never wear that

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But look at her, smiling and embracing each and every exorbitant piece when actually all of them are going to rest in the back of her locker.

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#5. Guys, remember the budget?

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Wait, I understand that she has lost it because she is surrounded by all of this bling and it is her wedding but what about others? Do you plan to spend the entire wedding budget under this particular roof?

#6. All look the same, get the cheaper one

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You wanted my opinion, here it is. Who can make out the difference anyways right? And the cheaper one has an amazing charm to it too, just saying!

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#7. Where is that supposed to be worn?

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On the nose, the head, the arms, the waist, the belly, the shoulders, the ankle? Wait, what, the toes? Are you freaking kidding me? How is she supposed to wear sneakers then?

#8. We are only increasing our chances of getting robbed

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Yes, the entire neighborhood will somehow come to know how much gold we have and the negative minds will soon plot a plan to rob us! And it will all be your fault, dear future wife!

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#9. Baby, you aren’t the princess of Sheba and I am no Ambani!

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And you are so beautiful with or without this EXPENSIVE jewellery, why waste? I love you to the moon and back and that’s what is more important. (Well, in the bride’s opinion- NOT!!!)

#10. I thought you said it will be done within an hour

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I can’t believe you are making me miss my game for something I am not even required for!

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#11. Wait, who’s paying?

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Me? I think I left my wallet home! Oh wait, what did you say? Your dad’s paying? Well in that case, take this one too!

#12. With all of this, my future generations are well taken care of

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We can also sell all of it and become billionaires and enjoy rest of our lives in sheer luxury! What say honey?

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As scary and boring a jewellery shopping experience can be for the grooms, jokes apart, they do cherish each and every moment of it when they see how happy and special their would-be-wife is while putting on every single piece of jewellery. And yes, they want their would-be-wife to look beautiful and stunning and for this, they are ready to spend any amount, but they just don’t want to unnecessarily splurge.

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