Welcomed Cute Twins After 10 Yrs Of Their Marriage, This Celeb Couple Is Fully Enjoying Parenthood


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Welcomed Cute Twins After 10 Yrs Of Their Marriage, This Celeb Couple Is Fully Enjoying Parenthood

Babies are God’s angels in every sense. They come into our lives and fill it with immense happiness and love. Recently Karanvir Bohra had pointed out at the launch of Naagin 2 that the show and babies have a special connect. He said so because recently, he and his wife Teejay Sidhu were blessed with twin daughters.

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Teejay delivered twin girls in Canada, where she was staying with her maternal family. After 10 long years of marriage, Karanvir and Teejay have been blessed with their little ones.

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After the birth of their princesses, the proud and elated parents took the opportunity to share their happiness with the world through social media. Both of them put up some adorable pictures of their babies on their respective Instagram profiles. But, the pictures aren’t the only cute thing about their posts.

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What touched our hearts most were the captions both of them put up along with the cutesy images. Take a look at them and we are sure they will bring tears to your eyes. Karanvir wrote a very cute and touching poem along with the photo.

Here is what he posted:

“I got the whole world in my hands”
@bombaysunshine (Teejay) and me are still in a state of shock and disbelief that we have created 2 beautiful lives....I'm so thankful to God for sending these beautiful angels to us.
I don't know why but I believe that they have been sent to us for higher purpose.....what it is? I don't know, but the force is literally very strong with these 2.
They look at us with love and helplessness, when they cry, we know is either for milk or they just want to be held, and once we pick them up, it's so difficult to put them down.you just want to hold them and look at them and talk to them.
When I put them on my chest to make them sleep they hold me with such embrace that I want to leave everything in the world abs just cater to their needs.
I don't even know how I turned from a boy to a father....but this journey has just begun and I'm so looking fwd to these sleepless nights and daddy duty time.

So my 2 princesses
You’re twin Angels sent from up above,
When you were born he set free a dove, 
Your endless love, a love so pure
It's all I want, I want no more.
Hold my hand and I'll never let go,
Just hold my hand coz I love you so.

We are thoroughly moved! This is exactly what parenthood must feel like. Karanvir just gave some beautiful words to an even more beautiful feeling.

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Teejay also put up a very adorable picture of her babies with a short little caption (which was very, very lovely) on her Instagram page.

Check out what she wrote:

Welcome to the world, my little loves! :) We waited so long to see you, to hold your perfect little hands, and now you're here - our beautiful twin angels. :) You are God's most perfect, most beautiful creations, and it's so hard to not keep looking at you in amazement!! :) How is it possible that you exist?? Thank you for choosing us, my sweet baby girls. :) We are the lucky ones - we got to be your parents. :) @karanvirbohra

Awww! We couldn’t stop our eyes from moistening a bit once we saw how happy this cute couple is to embrace parenthood. Their daughters are indeed very lucky to have parents like these.

And, when these girls turned 6-month old on April 22, 2017, their elated daddy posted this adorable picture of the two:


The caption along with this picture read:

"These 2 have turned #6months and I am still not over the fact that I'm a dad.... They are a handful, I get up with them in the morning and the baby smell is so intoxicating that I just want to cuddle and nestle in their baby fat. Wishing the #BohraBohra sisters happy 6months. #omnamahshivaya"

While all these pictures are loaded with cuteness, none of them ever showed any of the babies' faces. But recently, this couple was clicked by the paparazzi with their daughters, and guess what? Yes, we got a glimpse of one of Karanvir and Teejay's lovelies, and we haven't been able to stop looking at her.

So without further ado, here goes the pics:



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Awww... she's super-adorable, isn't she? We just hope that we soon get to see the picture of this couple's other little munchkin too.

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We are very happy for you and your cute little family, Karanvir and Teejay. We wish you all the happiness in the world for yourselves and your little ones. May you all be blessed always.

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