Different Types Of Temple Jewellery South Indian Brides Wear When They Get Married


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Different Types Of Temple Jewellery South Indian Brides Wear When They Get Married

Temple jewellery, the name itself tells you of its grandeur and beauty. It stands out among all other types of jewelleries due to its royal and lustrous appearance. While we have seen the beautiful, delicate polki, pearl and kundan jewelleries rule the North Indian weddings, the jewelleries worn by South Indian brides are totally different. A South Indian bride is incomplete without the exquisite looking temple jewelleries. 

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Temple jewellery is most prevalent in Southern states of India, but slowly the people of North India are also getting bowled over by the sheer beauty it emanates. Our Bollywood superstars have also been seen wearing statement pieces of temple jewelleries at various occasions. 

Now, whether you are a South Indian bride yourself or want to impress your South Indian mother-in-law, here are a few pieces you must own to sport the perfect South Indian bridal look. 

#1. Kasulaperu

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Traditionally made with Goddess Lakshmi coins strewn together on a chain, kasulaperu or kasumala, is a must have for every South Indian bride. Finished with kemp stones, uncut diamonds and other precious gemstones, the grandeur of these neck pieces are such that a bride looks nothing less than a royalty herself. There are different ways you can wear this with your bridal attire depending upon the look you want to achieve. For a simpler look, a long kasumala paired with a smaller necklace looks perfect while for a grand look, kasumala with pendant or a double layered kasumala would be a good choice.

#2. Manga Malai

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Also known as manga malai, mango mala is a traditional South Indian necklace. The most distinguishing feature of the manga malai is the use of mango shapes used to make the necklace. The mango motif lends uniqueness and beauty to its design. A heavier version of the manga malai is perfect for weddings and looks ethereal with a kanjeevaram saree. But, if you are a smart bride who wants to reuse the necklace for other special occasions and festivals in future go for a design that’s simpler. On your D-day pair the simpler one with another simple necklace. 

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#3. Vadiyanam

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Didn’t get the pronunciation right the first time? Don’t worry vadiyanam/vaddanam is just another name for the kamarbandh, the traditional long and elegant chain like jewellery usually worn around the waist. For the South Indian brides vadiyanam is a must-have accessory. Today it is available in various designs and styles with ruby, emeralds and various other precious gemstones embellished on it. But, a traditional vadiyanam would have Goddess Laxmi sitting on a lotus flower in the middle of the band. The jewellery looks great when paired with silk or kanjeevaram sarees. 

#4. Vanki

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For a South Indian bride, vanki or bajubandh is an essential piece of jewellery. While wearing vanki try to go for a blouse with smaller sleeves or cap sleeves that accentuate it well. If you want to give yourself a retro vibe go with puff sleeves or if you want a mix of modern and traditional, a higher neckline would be a perfect choice. A boat neck blouse with small sleeves are also good to show off your beautiful vanki.

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#5. Bangles

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Image Courtesy: Kalyan Jewellers (Left), Pinterest (Right)

Known by different names in South India like valayal in Tamil, gajju in Telugu, bale in Kannada, bangles or bracelets are also available in temple jewellery design. Bangles in temple design are usually heavy and would look awesome against a traditional kanjeevaram or any other silk saree. Wearing just one bangle in both of your hands can be sufficient as they are quite grand on their own. However, if you wish to create a different look you can pair them up with thin gold bangles.

#6. Jhumkas

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Available in chaand bali or bell shaped designs, these jhumkas are not just great for your wedding day but also for any special occasions and festivals. There are a variety of options in earrings that you can pick to go with your bridal outfit. Inspired by the architecture of temples and idols of Gods and Goddesses, the earring can be very heavy in which case you may want to opt for a lighter design so that it doesn’t weigh down on you while sitting on pujas for longer duration.

#7. Nethi Chutti

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Known as maangtikka in North, nethi chutti is yet another bridal jewellery without which a South Indian bride is incomplete. Although there are various styles available a traditional nethi chutti in temple jewellery design looks resplendent and divine on a bride. These days you can also find a nethi chutti with a single pendant attached. If you are a bride who likes simplicity or want the jewellery to be used in future you can go ahead with a single strand design. 

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#8. Jada Billa

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Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Without the exquisite flowers in her hair and the intricate jada billa adorning her long braid, a South Indian bride can never be complete. There are many kinds of hair embellishments used in a wedding but nothing can beat the beauty of the long thick braid adorned with jada billa made in temple design and fresh flowers. For your wedding, pleat your hair and embellish it with jada billa of your choice and take help of your hairstylist to get creative with the flowers. Check out the pictures below for inspiration.

Elegant, royal and with a hint of retro touch, these South Indian jewellery inspirations are best for brides-to-be who love to keep the ethnicity alive. Which one is your favourite, share with us in the comments below. 

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