Take Your Fiance On A Perfect Date


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Take Your Fiance On A Perfect Date

If yours is an arranged marriage, then it becomes all the more necessary to date and woo your would-be in the classic old way. A formal candle light dinner or a stroll along the beach or a swim in the club pool can be a perfect way to form new bonds. If yours is a love marriage, then chances are that you know each other quite too well and higher are the chances that you are undermining the real power of the charms of a prefect date.

As a groom, make the first move

Even in this age of women emancipation, the poor groom is expected to make the first move and ask her out on a date. Or the to-be-bride is going to be so engrossed in pre-nuptial preparations and pampering, that she will hardly realise that it has been ages since the two of you went for a date!

So book the place you think she will like, ask her out, dress accordingly and follow all the rules that have come to be associated with dating today.

Be the subtle first timer

Dating as a ritual is meant for people to get better acquainted with each other and decide their compatibility level. Now, don’t you think it’s the perfect opportunity and way to discover the unknown facets of her life? Treat her, pamper her, indulge her, flirt with her and ultimately form your impressions with her responses. It can open doors to her heart for you.

Don’t tread the dangerous territory

Alas! You cannot totally ignore the fact that you are engaged or that you already know something about her. Don’t wear your if-not-you-then-another-gal attitude on this date or else there will be a lot of apologizing to do. The key here is to give her a glimpse of your own caring attitude by remembering the tiniest detail about her preferences while ordering the food, the drink, the choice of venue etc.

What about you?

Well, the woman you love and care for just needs to be given a proof of it and once convinced, she will be all heads over heels, all eager to make an equal impression of love and care. The fairer sex is notoriously infamous for remembering the tiniest details regarding virtually everything, so it is not advisable to get into a competition of sorts. Just give her a start, show that you care and bask in the glory of love, care and fun moments. Lots of pecks and kisses too, if you get lucky!

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