Tahira Kashyap Reveals She Has Given Up On Her Marriage With Ayushmann Khurrana Many Times

Marriage has its own share of ups and downs, but it is the love that unites a couple! And despite all the odds, Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana's love story is a perfect inspiration for us all.


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Tahira Kashyap Reveals She Has Given Up On Her Marriage With Ayushmann Khurrana Many Times

When you are in love, it doesn’t matter how much you fight. What matters is how long you take to resolve it. As in the end, you will be sleeping in the same bed, sharing the same quilt and at that moment you forget the fights of today. And an exactly similar kind of relationship is shared between Bollywood actor, Ayushmann Khurrana and his wife, Tahira Kashyap. (Recommend Read: Sanjay Kapoor's Wife, Maheep Kapoor Shares A Throwback Childhood Pic Of Shanaya And Jahaan Kapoor)

The couple made us believe that it all takes love and a lot of compromises to spend a lifetime together. Ayushmann and Tahira have completed almost 20 years of togetherness and still, they never fail to give us #CoupleGoals with their adorable PDA. The two are childhood sweethearts who decided to spend their life together as a unit.

Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap

Recently, in an interview with SpotboyE, Tahira talked about the rough patch in their marriage. She said, “I had a problem with him kissing on screen. I felt like a big, huge fat whale sitting at home. When you are pregnant your hormones also go up and down. Here this boy is looking at his youngest youth best and he is romancing women and what is this onscreen kiss! We both were very young. He didn’t have the time and patience to take me along and I didn’t have the patience to understand. There was this disconnect that we were not there for each other to take each other along in that journey. Somewhere he knew that she doesn’t mean mad. I also knew he wasn’t cheating. I had to evolve as a person to understand what art is.” (Also Read: Madhuri Dixit Reveals How Her Kids React To The Movies She Has Done, Talks About Motherhood)

She further stated, “I had given up many times but he did not. He didn’t use to give up but he also didn’t make up... We both have really evolved as artists, as companions and we have seen a journey including cancer being a part of it. Where we are right now, it is at its strongest best.”

Earlier, in an interview with Anupama Chopra, Tahira had talked about her insecurities when Ayushmann entered Bollywood. She had revealed, “I was this crazy, insecure pregnant person when Vicky Donor happened and that was the worst phase for both of us. I think both of us were very immature. He didn’t have the maturity to kind of hold my hand and tell me it’s ok, especially, when I am crazy on my hormones because I was pregnant at the time and I also didn’t have the maturity to just take it easy and know this thing will get over.”

She had further added, “Both of us lacked maturity. Then you also feel like a whale and considering your husband is with beautiful women all around and you don’t come from that background. Even if you have the maturity, the passion and you understand art, you don’t have the maturity to deal with the frills that come along.”

Tahira Kashyap

Tahira also talked about the time when they found a firm footing together to sustain their relationship, and had shared, “I was very lost and so was he. But thankfully, for us knowing each other for the past nine-ten years before marriage really helped because I know that he’s not a bad guy and he knows that she’s not a bad girl. So I think that sustained us and we eventually made peace with it.” (Don't Miss: Priyanka Chopra's Ex-Sis-In-Laws, Ishita Kumar And Kanika Mathur Have Both Become Friends Now)

Well, Ayushmann and Tahira's relationship is proof that all it takes is love and respect to make your marriage a happy one!

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