3 Yrs Ago, Son Of A Labourer Met A Gorgeous Russian Officer In Goa; They Are Married Now


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3 Yrs Ago, Son Of A Labourer Met A Gorgeous Russian Officer In Goa; They Are Married Now

Love is such a beautiful feeling that words always fall short to describe it. But one is for sure that when you are in love, nothing in the world can stop you being together.

Earlier inter-caste or inter-racial marriages were considered to be an offence, and the result was honour killing (it still prevails in some villages). This all was done just for the sake of guarding their “so called" caste.

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But now, people are much more broad-minded, and inter-racial marriages have become a common endeavour. You might be wondering why we are saying so?


Well, it is rightly said that love knows no boundaries. It can happen anywhere, with anyone and at any time. This is what has happened with a beautiful officer from Russia and a bar worker from a small town village.

Yes, you read that right! Anastatha, a Russian girl fell in love with Narendra, an Indian boy from a small village.


Narendra is from a small village from Madhya Pradesh, who started working as a barman in Goa a few years back. His family still lives in the village and earns money by working in agriculture fields. He travelled all the way to Goa to try some different profession in order to earn more money. Who knew that God had some different plans for him, and will meet his soulmate out there?

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3 years ago in Goa, he met a pretty Russian girl named Anastatha, who works in Russian Parliament House in its Economics Department. A well-educated girl falling in love with a local bartender is quite surprising, but that’s what love is, no?


As soon as they realise they are in love, the duo decided to tie the knot, and had a court marriage in Goa in 2016. The couple currently is enjoying their new phase of life in Narendra’s village. Though they have plans to move in Moscow, and Narendra has already applied for a Russian visa.


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Therefore, love surely is blind and this couple defend this saying completely. Here are the pictures of this much-in-love couple. Take a look:

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Well, we just wish Anastatha and Narendra a very happy married life. Hearyiest congratulations from Team BollywoodShaadis! 

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