5 Essential And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair During Summers


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5 Essential And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair During Summers

Looking after your lovely locks in summer involves protecting them from the scorching rays of the sun. The harmful ultraviolet rays can make your strands fade and turn them brittle. Moreover, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause damage to the external covering of the hair known as the cuticle. The brides-to-be should be even more careful in summer to care for their hair, as they naturally want to look their best for their wedding.

So, here are some essential hair care tips that every bride-to-be must follow during the summer season.

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#1. Do not use the hair dryer

summer hair care tips

Allow your strands to dry on their own rather than using the dryer. In any case, wet hair dries earlier in summer. Besides, using the dryer makes the hair brittle and can cause split ends. You need to retain the natural lustre of your hair for which, it is important to avoid the hair dryer which robs the hair of its moisture.

#2. Oil massage

summer hair care tips

The heat of the summer can cause your hair to become limp. To prevent this, it is recommended that you oil your hair at least thrice a week. This helps to maintain good health of the hair with its moisture and lustre intact. You can use olive, almond, aloe vera or coconut oil for massaging.

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#3. Protect your hair from the sun

summer hair care tips

Before going out in the sun, cover your hair with an umbrella, scarf, cap or a hat. This would help to prevent the ultraviolet radiation from harming your hair, and also prevent the natural moisture from drying away.

#4. Hair conditioning for summer

summer hair care tips

To revitalise your hair with a characteristic elegant sheen, make sure to condition it well. You should take care to get a conditioner with a pH balance, which is most suitable for your hair type. To make your lovely locks bouncy, moisturise them well. You can even try a homemade conditioner by simply mixing half a banana, one tablespoon yoghurt, one-fourth of a cantaloupe and a little bit of olive oil. Apply this natural hair care summer remedy and rinse after half an hour to see the result.

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#5. Natural moisturiser for summer hair care

summer hair care tips

If your hair has become lifeless and you are apprehensive about using the chemical-laden moisturisers in the market, fearing how bad their side effects may be, use a natural moisturiser with lemon and eggs. Mix one tablespoon each of fresh lemon juice and olive oil with three eggs and beat them together. Apply this mix on your hair, covering the whole of your scalp and rinse after half an hour. Your hair would be all set to sizzle, and healthy enough for that wonderful bounce.

You surely do want to look your best all the time. And, for that to be possible, summer hair care should not be ignored. It is amazing, the way healthy tresses can enhance your look. For the best looking you, make sure that the summer heat does not spoil your hair quality.

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