Style Your Hair For The Big Day


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Style Your Hair For The Big Day

Everything makes up for a beautiful bride. Hair might not look like a major contributor to your wedding day appearance but it definitely is. What will a good make up do if your strands are not properly tucked? Worse, an unruly hairdo may ruin the effect of your bridal make-up. So here are some quick tips and types to help you get a prim and perfect hairstyle.

Face friendly

Every one of us has a definite face contour. Some have long faces, others have short ones, and some have an oval shape while others are sharper around certain edges. So while getting a hairdo, you need to keep in mind your face style. A bride with an elongated face should look out for a hairstyle that will add volume to her shape. Such people might leave a few strands on the sides of the face if they don't like the hair to be pulled back completely into a bun. This gives a very soft feeling to your face.

Compliments your dress

Your hairstyle must compliment your wedding dress. This is of utmost importance or else it will hamper your complete look. As for example, for off shoulder dress, you might opt for end curls. Leave a few strands loose on the shoulders. This gives a very subtle and romantic look. You must go in for trials with various hairdos before locking in on one of them.

Optional use of veils

In a certain traditional Indian weddings, the bride is expected to wear a veil over her head. In such situations, go in for a hairdo that can balance the veil. If it's a full length veil, your bun or hairdo should be steady and firm to support it.

Accessorize your hairdo

To add little more jazz to your hairdo, you can use certain accessories like flowers, hair broaches, etc. For broaches, keep a small dent on the bun to fit it perfectly.

Types of hairstyles

  • Traditional bun hairstyle: This is the often-used hairstyle in India. Pull up the whole hair in a bun, firmly knitted with clips and other stuff.
  • Sideways bun: It's similar to the above style with the only difference being the position of the bun. Here the bun is placed sideways.
  • French and braided style: this helps to keep you away from run of the mill stuff.

Don’ts you must remember

  • Try to avoid sunburn before your wedding.
  • Don’t exaggerate your eye make up
  • Your lip liner shouldn’t be of darker shade than your lipstick
  • Don’t use glitter and shimmer in excess
  • Eye shadows should be lighter in shade. Or else it will give a very gaudy effect.
  • If you intend to use false eye lashes, try it out first a few days before wedding. You need to be comfortable with the artificial arrangement on the wedding day and not look haggard.
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