Style Essentials Every Skinny Man Must Know


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Style Essentials Every Skinny Man Must Know

Fashion for men has gone far beyond the blues, blacks, and greys today. There is a splurge of styles, colours, accessories, etc., for them. Even for wedding, they have ample options these days to choose from. Like women, the styling guide for men also varies as per their body types. For all the men with lean body, it is important to put on a balance of such styles and fits, that complement their physique. There is a set of do’s and don’ts that they should follow to look best in their body type.

For all the skinny men, here are some useful tips and style essentials. Follow these tips to look great and impress everyone around you.

#1. Jackets

As winters are just around the corner, use jackets and cardigans to your full advantage. Jackets will help uniform your concave chest, and bring it at par with the rest of your body. This way, they help you look beefy. It is better to choose heavy in weight and dark coloured jackets as they suit thin guys the best. You can also try out tweed jackets as they seem to be the taste of this generation. If you are planning to go to a cold place for your honeymoon, do not forget to shop for some classy jackets. 

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#2. Formal Shirts

Formal look when chosen carefully, suits skinny guys pretty well. Select the shirts which are not too body-hugging, and team them with straight fit pants. Wear a slim tie as it not only completes your look, but also adds another element to bring fullness to your look. As you would be attending various parties and dinners post your wedding, this attire is perfect to look elegant in the most stylish manner.

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#3. Casual T-shirts

Wearing shirts is a better option for skinny men over the T-shirts. Since it is not possible to wear shirts all the time, you should try graphic T-shirts so as to add bulkiness to your appearance. Sports T-shirts and the ones made of heavy fabrics are also good options. Also, do not wear short ones as they will lay emphasis on a lean waist. So, now keep in mind the type of T-shirts to pick for your honeymoon.

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#4. Trousers

Bottom flared or wide leg pants are good options for skinny men as they help to hide thin legs. Since flared bottoms are not much in fashion these days, straight fit trousers would be a better option. For weekend getaways with your wife, you can try coloured chinos or cargos. Also, you must avoid wearing shorts, as highlighting the slim legs might make you look a little out of proportion. 

Smart Tip: Extremely loose clothes can make a skinny person look like a scarecrow. Hence, make sure you buy your pants keeping this in mind.

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#5. Accessories

Formal shoes should be preferred over any other type as they gel well with the sleek body. Heavy fashionable shoes should be avoided as they make a mismatch with the skinny body type. Wrist bands or heavy watches can also be used to add some pseudo mass to your wrists.

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Dressing up well is the first step that all of us can do to look our best. So, now that you know all the tips to style your body type, just use them while you go out shopping for your wedding.


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