Stunning And Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends For This Wedding Season


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Stunning And Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends For This Wedding Season

What your grandmother and mother used to consider as jewelry staples are now back in fashion, but of course with a more trendy twist. Well, if you have not already guessed it, we are talking about the timeless and classic pearl jewelry.

Their resurgence this wedding season is not surprising as they are surely elegant and highly aesthetic. Adding a variety of pearl jewelry in your wedding jewelry case can easily transform any of your outfits into elegant masterpieces.

Apart from owning the basic and elegant string of pearls, pair them with oversized chains, cool metallic accents and colored beads, as these are some hot trends this season. Let us take a look at how you can include these beautiful, colourful pearls into your wedding jewelry.

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Different Kind of Pearls

Before browsing the latest trends, let us quickly rush you through the different types of pearls you can opt for.

Natural Pearls: Getting your hands on the natural pearls is difficult since they are rare and are made in the wild, under the perfect natural conditions.

Cultured Pearls: The cultured pearls are grown in controlled conditions in pearl farms.

Cultured pearl jewelry

It is like men lending a helping hand in the nature’s process of creating natural pearls.

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Saltwater Pearls: Lay your hands on saltwater pearls that emanate from the mollusks in salt water bodies. The South Sea pearls (ranging from 9-20 mm) in white, cream or golden color are obtained from Australia, Indonesia and Philippines. They are slightly expensive but most famous and reliable when it comes to jewelry.

Saltwater pearl jewelry

The Tahitian pearls (ranging from 8-16 mm) come from French Polynesian islands and Tahiti in black, grey, blue or purple color. The Akoya cultured pearls from Japan and China (ranging from 2-10 mm) are round size in size, and white or cream in color.

Freshwater Pearls: The freshwater pearls are grown in water bodies mainly in China and come in various shapes and sizes. These freshwater pearls can also be obtained in pastel colors.

Freshwater pearl jewelry

Keshi Pearls: Keshi pearls are known for being rare and unique type of pearls. They are small, usually between 2-6 mm, and can be got from a saltwater or freshwater source. In fact, Keshi is a Japanese word for “poppy” or “poppy seed.” 

While they may lack in size, Keshi pearls stand out because their lusture is incomparable even by the highest quality cultured pearls. You can find this rare variety of Keshi pearls on Yvel.

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Best Ways to Wear Pearls

Pick your favorite pearls and wear it in a different style that goes with your personality. Here are a few ideas to use pearl jewelry in a casual or formal look wherever you go!

The Classic Call

Add pearls into your look in the most basic and elegant style. Wear a nice white pearl as a pendant with gold or white gold chain. Just chose a medium-sized pearl to keep the classy and elegant effect going.

A freshwater pearl string, will surely go beautifully with your delicate sarees. Pearls go really well with diamonds also, so you can choose a more elaborate design with diamonds, be it in a pendant or earrings. You can also opt for the simple studs in a size that suits your face type. 

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Modern Touch

The modern take on the classic gem brings out its beauty in the simplest ways. Go for the exaggerated ear cuffs, statement rings or bracelets to complete your look. Pick a multi-colored pearl and gold bracelet to dress up an evening gown or even a casual 'white shirt and jeans' look.

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An intricate pearl and diamond bracelet can become a part of your daily wear along with a watch, to keep your look casual yet chic.

A Serious Affair

You are often looking for jewelry to go with your corporate attire whether it is a lunch date or a board meeting. For such occasions, pick a delicate gold string with a small pearl drop. It is definitely something that is understated and elegant, which will never try to overpower your serious look.

For a cocktail evening, go for a grey-black Tahitian pearl string which is sure to match a little black dress or a flowing gown. You can even choose to wear a cluster of pearls in white, light grey and dark grey with a simple outfit.

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Trendy Baubles

Add a variety of pearl rings to dress up your hands daily. They are a perfect addition to your jewelry box as they are easy to wear and sure to look elegant wherever you go. Pick out the South Sea pearl and diamond ring, set in gold, to make a shining statement.

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Talking about going trendy, pick up a pair of dazzing colored pearl earrings set with gold and diamonds. This is something that will surely lift up any look, any time. And, what you might end up using a lot on a daily basis are the pair of freshwater multicolored pearl earrings. Wear it with anything and you are ready to go!

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A great piece of pearl jewelry is a sure investment since its beauty and elegance will always keep it fashionable. So, this wedding season go for stunning pearl jewelry that will differentiate you from the rest.

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