Stars Delaying Your Marriage?


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Stars Delaying Your Marriage?

25 and above, almost in a right job, life in a metro seems more comfortable now, almost been there, done all that and yet single? Worried if this delay in your marriage is due to all the choices that you made or it has something to do with your stars?

In Astrology one can use Birth Chart (Horoscope) to know how long the waiting period for marriage is. Besides, one can also predict if marriage is meant at all for you or not. 

For Indian astrologers, it is perhaps easy to predict your marriage by looking into your astro-charts. The placement of your planets according to the time you were born and calculation of an astrologer is all it takes for them to make those predictions for your marriage.

Understanding Planetary Positions

In your horoscope, the 7th lord mainly signifies marriage partner or married life. Any afflictions to the 7th house or its lord primarily indicate troubles in marriage. Delays in marriages can mainly be attributed to Saturn, Rahu, weak Jupiter, weak Venus and weak Moon besides other planetary combinations in your chart.

If Saturn is either in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 10th house from Ascendant or Moon Sign, and if it does not own beneficial houses, the delay in marriages is evident. Mars and Rahu or Rahu alone in 7th or 8th houses of your astrological birth chart may delay marriage. To cut the long story short, it is the placement of the lord of the lagna in the 7th house that will either deny marriage or will create aversion to marriage and will give unhappiness.

Astrologers suggest that prospective brides should wear a yellow sapphire in the index finger of their left hand and prospective grooms should wear diamond in the middle or ring finger of their right hand to enhance the good effects of Jupiter and Venus.

Make A Right Choice

Believing in horoscope, astrology, stars etc in this time and age may not sound very convincing to many. But life is all about the choices that we make and we must try to opt for a right choice under any circmstances. Remember, for any successful marriage one has to work constantly and rework time and again for it to last. Now, it depends on the two of you how you make it work. Finding the right person is undoubtly a hell of a task, but that’s not an end. After you have found “Mr or Miss Right”, how you take on your journey from there determines how happy you will be for the rest of your life.


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