Spot The Right Wedding Suit


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Spot The Right Wedding Suit

Having the right wedding suit is absolutely important and is the primary preparation for all wedding. And this is not only true for brides but also equally necessary for grooms. Your wedding suit will be statement you would like to project on your D-day. It has to be nothing less than perfect. But often it is seen that in haste grooms end up with attire that doesn't augment to their style statement. So that you don't become a party to the same mistake, here are a few tips to lock the right wedding attire.

Tips for choosing the wedding garment

Getting the right wedding attire is not a Herculean task to do. But you need to be clear about your pick. Often it has been seen that Indian grooms end up wearing something they didn’t want in the first place.  So, here are a few tips you need to follow before you go about scouting for your wedding outfit.

Go on a shop and mall hopping spree

As soon as your wedding date gets fixed, make a trip to all the happening designer stores and malls to look out for that one dress, which you think, will look fab on you.

Select the one

After you are done making notes on every wedding attire possible, its time to opt for the one. It is advisable to keep in mind the type of the cloth while selecting the attire.

Be season conscious

Depending on the time your wedding is scheduled, go in for a dress that makes you comfortable. India generally has a hot and humid climate or cold and dry winters. So if it’s the summer season for you, go in for cotton or mix-cotton dress. It will keep you cool and will prevent excessive sweating. For cold winters, go in for woolen or polyester suits. They will make you warn and look royal.

Fit to the T

It is extremely important that the wedding suit fits you well and is not hung around your shoulders. It should flatter your manhood.

Need to be stretch-free

Wearing a fitting wedding attire doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of its stretching ability. The sleeves shouldn’t move up whenever the groom lifts his hand. It’s important to see that it is properly knitted.

Pick the color right

Pick the right color. The color should compliment your skin tone. It should add to your persona and not contradict it.

Embroidered suit it must be

Keep an eye for an intricate embroidery work on your sherwani or kurta pajama. It should be done perfectly and not all jazzed up.

Sherwani caution

Sherwanis generally have bottled up curved strip of cloth around your neck. See to it that they don't look overdone giving you a suffocating look.

Opt for tuxedo as wedding suit

If you prefer to wear suit in your wedding, be sure about the type you want. Tuxedos go brilliantly in such situations. Don’t forget to accessorize it with the required stuff. You need to look complete on your wedding day. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.