Sonakshi Sinha Talks About Her Love Life, Says That She Wants To Find Love That Will Stay

Sonakshi Sinha has been impressing the audience with her commendable screen presence and acting skills. Here she talks about her love life and what attracts her to a man.


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Sonakshi Sinha Talks About Her Love Life, Says That She Wants To Find Love That Will Stay

Right from Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Son of Sardaar, Lootera, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara, Akira to now Kalank, Shatrughan Sinha’s darling daughter, Sonakshi Sinha has been impressing the audience with her commendable screen presence and acting skills. Not just for her professional life, the actress has been in the news for her personal life as well. (You May Also Like: Ekta Kapoor Takes Nephew Laksshya On Playdate With Kanchi Kaul's Kids, Says 'Meri Tara Mat Banna')

Even after, guarding her love life pretty well, Sonakshi is also one of those actresses who has been linked up with many men. So much so that in 2017, rumours were rife that Sonakshi was all set to marry her then alleged boyfriend, Bunty Sachdev, who happens to be Sohail Khan’s brother-in-law. And now, Sonakshi is rumoured to be in a relationship with Notebook actor, Zaheer Iqbal. But in one of her recent media interactions, Sonakshi has dismissed all these rumours.

Sonakshi Sinha

Recently, in an interview with the Bombay Times, Sonakshi was asked about her thoughts on love and relationships. To which, she was quoted as saying, “I love being in love. But I am at a point in life where I want to find love that will stay. I am in no hurry. My work is going great, I am super busy and there is very little time for anything else. So yes, I’ll wait for it; this time I won’t go after love, I’ll let love come to me.” (Checkout: Deeya Chopra Mehta Shares The First Glimpse Of 10-Day-Old Baby Boy, Reveals Their Little One's Name)

Sonakshi Sinhaa

When further she was probed to tell as to what kind of a person she gets drawn to romantically, she said, “I want to be with somebody with whom there is no pretense, just complete honesty. Somebody who will love me for who I am and not what I am. I am a complete romantic at heart. I want all the sweet, small and simple things that come with love.”

Sonakshi Sinha

Further, she also talked about her upcoming movie, Kalank and remarked, “Not at all, because when I heard the script I knew that there are six characters in the film, and all the characters have an important role to play in the narrative. Each one takes the story forward in some way or the other. When Abhishek Varman (the director) narrated the role of Satya Chaudhry to me, I didn’t think twice. It is such a good role in itself — complete, strong and important. I didn’t feel that it would be lesser than any other role in the film. I’m really glad that we are finally getting to do an ensemble film like this. This usually happens in the West. For example, an Ocean’s Eleven has a huge cast and each one has a part to play. Nobody questions them saying, ‘Oh, your part was smaller, or your part was bigger’ it’s all part of one film.” (Also Read: Alia Bhatt Hugs Her Ex-Boyfriend, Sidharth Malhotra's Current Rumoured Girlfriend, Tara Sutaria)


She was also asked about the fact that she has come a long way on terms of being trolled for her weight and outfits. To this, the Dabangg actress quipped, “When you are new, you don’t understand these things. Your first instinct is to be defensive about it and wonder why people are saying these things about you. After a point, it stopped mattering to me. It wasn’t like I was not getting work or not doing well. Even now, I am the kind who likes to see humour in everything, who doesn’t take things too seriously. I don’t even take myself so seriously. These things are too trivial to put your energies into. When I feel I need to give it back, I give it back. These people, who troll, are insignificiant. Who are these people? They have no face, they are only doing it because they are not in front of you. Why should we give them importance? They are probably doing it for a reaction, so don’t give it to them.”

Earlier, when asked about her alleged wedding with Bunty Sachdev, the Noor star had added, “It's all false. I deal with it by clarifying it. If reports are directed at me and not affecting my family or friends, I leave it or choose to ignore it. But if it does affect my family and friends, I would definitely clarify it and I am really glad that we live in such an age today where it's just one tweet away." (Do Check: Virat Kohli Talks About Wife, Anushka Sharma And How She Is The Guiding Light In His Life)

Sonakshi and Zaheer

Sonakshi is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie, Kalank. So, during one of the promotional events, she was asked to comment on the conjectures and speculations on her relationship with Zaheer. To which, she had smartly answered, "When it is not? There’s nothing to deal with because honestly, I think if there was something in that matter to talk about, I will be the first person to come and talk about. I’m toh waiting (Laughs). I’m waiting for love, some prince charming would come, I’m waiting. Nobody is there right now. So, when it happens, I feel that I will be very happy about it."

Well, we wish Sonakshi Sinha soon finds her Prince Charming if at all she hasn’t as of now!

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