Smriti Irani's 'Jaan Le Lo Meri' Selfie Is A Hilarious Depiction Of The Working Mothers' Struggles

Mother of two kids, a son, Zohr Irani and a daughter, Zoish Irani, Smriti Irani posted a selfie on her Instagram handle and perfectly depicted her struggles during the work from home phase.


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Smriti Irani's 'Jaan Le Lo Meri' Selfie Is A Hilarious Depiction Of The Working Mothers' Struggles

If only it was less difficult for a working mother to balance her professional and personal life that pandemic forced her to trade her office workstation for work-from-home. It became a challenge for her to navigate through the schedule of her husband and kids, altering her daily routine with workflow and creating a wall between her workspace and personal space. While she leaves us intrigued thinking how she does it without complaining and with a smile on her face, there are no second thoughts in saying that she is a wonder woman! Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame and politician, Smriti Irani has a perfect depiction on working mothers and it will make you ROFL. (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty Twins With Her Mommy, Sunanda Shetty In Kaftan For Their First Ever Shoot Together)

Irrespective of the fact that you were a TV lover or not, chances are you’ve sung Rishton Ke Bhi Roop Badalte Hain and have welcomed guests into your ‘Shantiniketan’ just like Tulsi did. Every 90s kid knows the craze of ‘K’ TV shows by the unabated queen of the telly world, Ekta Kapoor. Smriti Irani’s career skyrocketed to fame with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and she permanently etched her name in every house with the 2000 show. Smriti then entered politics and is now a Minister in the Union Cabinet of India.

Smriti Irani

Just like every working mother, Smriti Irani too faced struggles and challenges while managing her personal and professional life. Mother of two kids, a son, Zohr, and a daughter, Zoish, Smriti posted a selfie on her Instagram handle and perfectly depicted her struggles during the work from home phase. With her brows wrinkled, face covered with a mask and draped in a shawl, Smriti captioned her selfie as “The #jaanlelomeri look - when you balance #onthegoonlinemeetings with battle cries of ‘mummmmaaaa...’ . Note :- the nose crinkles in a special way #workingmoms.”

Smriti Irani

A few days ago, Smriti Irani had posted sunkissed pictures of her hubby, Zubin Irani and their kids, Zohr Irani and Zoish Irani. Speaking about her blessing i.e., her family, who accepted her for who she is, Smriti had written, “There are days when you need to centre yourself in the conundrum around you. It is then, in the midst of the noise, that you sneak a peek at the people who matter. No matter where you go, no matter who you meet, if there are people in your life who accept you for being just you then count them as a blessing in your life. For me those people are my family #sunshine #family.” (Also Read: Neelam Kothari And Samir Soni Wish Daughter, Ahana On 8th Birthday, Introduce A New Member In Family)

Zubin Irani

Zohr Irani

Smriti Irani and Zubin Irani’s love story is about two friends who found their soulmate in each other and who supported each other equally to become successful in their respective fields. After riding high professionally, Zubin and Smriti decided to take their relationship to another level and in 2001, they became husband and wife. During the trending #10YearChallenge in 2019, Smriti had posted a picture with Zubin and had captioned it as “The #10yearchallenge; find someone who can make your smile reflect in your eyes the way @iamzfi does in mine.”

Smriti Irani and Zubin Irani

In 2019, Smriti Irani had posted a selfie with Zoish Irani but later deleted it because her daughter had pleaded her to do so. Revealing the reason why Zoish asked Smriti to delete the picture, the 44-year-old mom had written, “I deleted my daughter’s selfie yesterday coz an idiot bully in her class ,A Jha ,mocks her for her looks & tells his pals in class to humiliate her for how she looks in her mother’s insta post. My child pleaded with me ‘ Ma please delete it, they are making fun of me’. I obliged coz I could not stand her tears.”

Zoish Irani

But Smriti Irani then realised that by deleting the picture, she is encouraging the bullies to continue their shameful practice. Listing her daughter’s accomplishments and challenging the bullies, Smriti had continued, “Then I realised my act just supported the bully . So Mr Jha , my daughter is an accomplished sports person, record holder in Limca Books, 2 Nd Dan black belt in Karate, at the World Championships has been awarded bronze medal twice; is a loving daughter and yes damn beautiful. Bully her all you want , she will fight back. She is Zoish Irani and I’m proud to be her Mom.” (Also Read: Navya Naveli Nanda's Now-Public Instagram Exudes Her Love For Nanu-Nani, Amitabh And Jaya Bachchan)

Smriti Irani and Zoish Irani

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