10 Evident Signs That Your Wedding Preparations Have Turned You Into A Groomzilla


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10 Evident Signs That Your Wedding Preparations Have Turned You Into A Groomzilla

We all have heard about the ‘bridezilla’, but with changing time even the ‘Groomzilla’ has set in his footstep. But, what on earth is Groomzilla? He is the new fire-breathing dragon that is on the loose these days spoiling his own wedding. He is the masculine version of the tyrannical and slightly psychopathic bridezilla. This man is not afraid to voice out his opinions because for him the wedding is no more just about the bride. And while ensuring this, the monster gets over-involved in the wedding planning to an extent that it starts breathing fire-breaths at anything not going his way.

We believe that you definitely do not want to sabotage your relationship over an intimate wedding or a grand one. So, look for these signs and tame yourself before you turn into an uncontrollable huffing and puffing ‘Groomzilla’.

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#1. You have gone social with all your wedding details

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Your recent posts on Facebook are all about your wedding - the countdown to your wedding, your wedding planning details, your wedding outfit. Heck, you even have a picture of the honeymoon tickets.

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#2. You want to pick your bride’s dress

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No not to help her out, but to make sure that it goes well-coordinated with your outfit; so that she does not get all the attention. And also because you already have a vision of what your bride to be should look like on the wedding day and you cannot accept anything else, duh!.

#3. You do not want to compromise

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Compromise…? What is that? Although the marriage is about both of you, you would not budge. Like, you would not settle for those paper flowers instead of the real ones for decoration, even if your bride is allergic to them.

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#4. You want to outdo your rival’s wedding

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All you are thinking of at this moment is ways to beat your rival’s wedding. Neither have you liked a beach wedding nor your bride. But because your friends, neighbours and families cannot stop talking about ‘the beach wedding’ you have to outdo your rival, even if it would cost you a bomb.

#5. Your bride-to-be is just another guest at her own wedding

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You are taking care of the wedding venue, the invites, the decoration and every other small detail of the wedding yourself. The bride-to-be has absolutely ‘zero’ say in her own wedding. Seriously!

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#6. You want everything to be perfect

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There can be no silly mistakes, when you are the in-charge. No matter how much you plan and improvise, and make last-minute changes, everything has to go smooth.

#7. You wake up at the last moment to turn everything upside down

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During the initial phase of the wedding planning, you did not give any opinion even after being asked for it. But, now when things are final and are ready to be implemented, you suddenly have a point of view and want everything to be changed at the last minute!

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#8. You do not stick to the wedding budget

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You want everything to be bigger, better and the best. So, you go overboard with the finances leading to more tension and arguments.

#9. You are in the ‘wedding mode’ 24x7

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From watching movies that have wedding as their theme to sleeping in a room that’s strewn with bits of papers, markers, diagrams and wedding magazines, all that matters to you right now is your wedding. Even spending a quiet moment with your fiancé` before all the nuptials begin seems to be of no importance to you right now.

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#10. You have a bunch of upset people around you

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Be it your friends, family, fiancé` or the wedding planners- everyone seems to be upset with you because you do not listen to anyone’s views. You want everything to happen your way. If others have any advice or opinion they can just talk to the wall.

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Well, guys now you can have no excuse of those secret wedding jitters. We know how hard the concern of your wedding preparations hits you too. But, that does not mean you need to go into hiding, just come out open with your reasons and participate in your wedding preparations like everyone around you!



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