Side Effects Of Emergency Contraceptives

Side Effects Of Emergency Contraceptives

You and your partner are involved in physical relations but you believe in protection. You have started using contraceptives for the purpose and believe that safety is the key for good mental and physical state. Well it’s very true and protection is an essential part of physical relations to avoid diseases and most importantly to avoid pregnancy. But with everything that is good comes a little bad, nothing in this world is perfect and hundred per cent free of troubles. You need to know how to avoid the side effects of contraceptives and take precautions.

Prefer Condom
Condom is the best protection available in the markets at this point and time. Condoms are rubbers basically that helps in avoiding the chances of pregnancy. Also with condoms you can avoid the side effects of contraceptives as they do not enter the body and they are believed to be the best way to protect the body from HIV.

Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills come in two forms: oral contraceptive pills and the progestin-only pills. Well these pills act against pregnancy. In case of the combined oral contraceptive pills which contain both estrogenand progestins,a woman has a chance of getting pregnant in the first year of its usage. Generally this is a rare occurrence but it does happen. A pill has chances of giving side effects which can affect your body majorly in the later stages. Firstly the pills have no protection against HIV or any STD for that matter. So you have no living guarantee against diseases and if you are not sure of your partner you better use a condom then trust a pill.

Affects Health
Pills can either prolong your periods or shorten them. The flow during your periods and the pains can grow unbearable if you are using pills. You can also experience bleeding in between for no reason at all. Also nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of pills. These side effects can be handled if you visit a doctor. They are not major side effects and generally not always observed in every woman but if you are ‘that’ woman then it’s best to avoid pills.

Cervical Caps
They are fitted into a woman’s body to prevent fertilization. If you are allergic to these caps its best to avoid them as they would cause a lot of issues externally and internally. Also they would not be able to protect against STD and are not the best way to avoid the side effects of contraceptives.

So, if you really wish to protect against the sexually transmitted diseases do use a condom with other forms of contraceptives. Your contraceptives have side effects attached to it so if they do not suit you its best to avoid them. Also condom has less per cent chances of getting your pregnant as compared to other forms of contraceptives. 

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