Sanjeeda Shaikh Reveals Being Proud Of Her Decision Of Divorcing Aamir Ali 'Kept My Dignity Alive..'

Sanjeeda Shaikh talked about the constant nasty comments she received for the choices she made in her personal life. The actress also tagged herself as proud of her choices.


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Sanjeeda Shaikh Reveals Being Proud Of Her Decision Of Divorcing Aamir Ali 'Kept My Dignity Alive..'

Sanjeeda Shaikh has been dominating all the headlines with her acting mettle in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. The actress played the role of 'Waheeda' and instantly grabbed the audience's attention and left them in awe of her. However, it was a few years back when Sanjeeda faced the brunt of online trolling and nasty comments after her divorce from Aamir Ali. While the actress kept her mum about the same over the years, she recently talked about it. 

Sanjeeda Shaikh says she is proud of her decision in her personal life

In an interview with Zoom, Sanjeeda Shaikh was asked about the brutal comments during the tough phase of separation from Aamir Ali. To this, the Heeramandi actress added that it is not okay how people come out and baselessly judge others for their choices, especially when they do not know about her side of the story. The actress also added that she decided to be tight-lipped as she has her family, who gave her the liberty to talk about what she felt like. Sanjeeda added that she feels proud of whatever decision she had made as it helped her to keep her dignity alive and sanity safe. Talking about the same, Sanjeeda added:

"I won't be saying like 'oh, it's okay. People speak'. It's not okay, and our side of the story only I know, right? And I am somebody who is—again, I would give it to my family, they have given me the liberty to talk to them about what I have felt so I do not have to go out and talk about it. And I take immense pride in doing that. I think that somewhere has kept my dignity alive and my sanity safe. I am not somebody who is pro women and I am not somebody who is bashing male."

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Going further in the interview, Sanjeeda Shaikh mentioned that every individual has a right to speak about their feelings and live life in their own way. The actress also addresses the issue of a woman disrespecting another woman and then talks about gender equality. Talking about the tough decision in her life, Sanjeeda stated that she is extremely proud of the decision she had made, and not only she but her daughter and family members are proud as well. An excerpt from Sanjeeda's statement can be read as:

"So, I think, people talk about half-baked stories for two days and then they forget about it. Let them talk. I am correct things in life and I am so proud of the decision that I have made. My child is very proud, my people are very proud. This is my blessing."


Sanjeeda Shaikh on receiving nasty comments for her personal life

In the same interview, Sanjeeda Shaikh mentioned the people who had actually backed her up during those tough times, they are enough and she doesn't need some other people. Talking about the trollers, Sanjeeda added how those who have no work to do just come out there and pen a few comments about someone's suffering, but it is the person who has to deal with these nasty comments.

Sanjeeda Shaikh on getting recognition as an actress by the trollers

In the concluding segment of the interview, Sanjeeda Shaikh shared how the persons who used to pen down bad comments about her are now in awe of her acting skills. The actress accepts that she goes through such comments, and it makes her feel good as she has finally been taken seriously as an actor. Sanjeeda said that she used to read those nasty comments and decided to say nothing and continue working hard as some negativity would never come in the way of her journey as an actor.

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Sanjeeda Shaikha and Aamir Ali's relationship

For the unversed, Sanjeeda Shaikh and her ex-husband, Aamir Ali, came close while shooting for their show, Kya Dill Mein Hai, back in 2007. After that, they came close, and their friendship blossomed into love. After dating for a few years, Aamir and Sanjeeda got married in 2012. Later, in 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Arya via surrogacy. One year later, things soured, and in 2020, the ex-couple announced their separation, and in 2021, they were granted divorce. 

aamir ali on his divorce

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